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Reagonite Unloads on Criminal Bush Administration

Paul Craig Roberts is a former Reagan cabinet member whose comments spell out the criminal administration(s) RULING the USA and Israel.

A Criminal Administration

by Paul Craig Roberts

Caught in gratuitous and illegal spying on American citizens, the Bush administration has defended its illegal activity and set the Justice (sic) Department on the trail of the person or persons who informed the New York Times of Bush’s violation of law. Note the astounding paradox: The Bush administration is caught red-handed in blatant illegality and responds by trying to arrest the patriot who exposed the administration’s illegal behavior.
Bush has actually declared it treasonous to reveal his illegal behavior! His propagandists, who masquerade as news organizations, have taken up the line: To reveal wrong-doing by the Bush administration is to give aid and comfort to the enemy

Compared to Spygate, Watergate was a kindergarden picnic. The Bush administration’s lies, felonies, and illegalities have revealed it to be a criminal administration with a police state mentality and police state methods. Now Bush and his attorney general have gone the final step and declared Bush to be above the law. Bush aggressively mimics Hitler’s claim that defense of the realm entitles him to ignore the rule of law.
Bush’s acts of illegal domestic spying are gratuitous because there are no valid reasons for Bush to illegally spy. The Foreign Intelligence Services Act (FISA) gives Bush all the power he needs to spy on terrorist suspects. All the administration is required to do is to apply to a secret FISA court for warrants. The Act permits the administration to spy first and then apply for a warrant, should time be of the essence. The problem is that Bush has totally ignored the law and the court.
Why would President Bush ignore the law and the FISA court? It is certainly not because the court in its three decades of existence was uncooperative. According to attorney Martin Garbus (New York Observer, 12-28-05), the secret court has issued more warrants than all federal district judges combined, only once denying a warrant.

Why, then, has the administration created another scandal for itself on top of the WMD, torture, hurricane, and illegal detention scandals?
There are two possible reasons.
One reason is that the Bush administration is being used to concentrate power in the executive. The old conservative movement, which honors the separation of powers, has been swept away. Its place has been taken by a neoconservative movement that worships executive power.
The other reason is that the Bush administration could not go to the FISA secret court for warrants because it was not spying for legitimate reasons and, therefore, had to keep the court in the dark about its activities.

What might these illegitimate reasons be? Could it be that the Bush administration used the spy apparatus of the US government in order to influence the outcome of the presidential election?
Could we attribute the feebleness of the Democrats as an opposition party to information obtained through illegal spying that would subject them to blackmail?
These possible reasons for bypassing the law and the court need to be fully investigated and debated. No administration in my lifetime has given so many strong reasons to oppose and condemn it as has the Bush administration. Nixon was driven from office because of a minor burglary of no consequence in itself. Clinton was impeached because he did not want the embarrassment of publicly acknowledging that he engaged in adulterous sex acts in the Oval Office. In contrast, Bush has deceived the public and Congress in order to invade Iraq, illegally detained Americans, illegally tortured detainees, and illegally spied on Americans. Bush has upheld neither the Constitution nor the law of the land. A majority of Americans disapprove of what Bush has done; yet, the Democratic Party remains a muted spectator.

Why is the Justice Department investigating the leak of Bush’s illegal activity instead of the illegal activity committed by Bush? Is the purpose to stonewall Congress’ investigation of Bush’s illegal spying? By announcing a Justice Department investigation, the Bush administration positions itself to decline to respond to Congress on the grounds that it would compromise its own investigation into national security matters.
What will the federal courts do? When Hitler challenged the German judicial system, it collapsed and accepted that Hitler was the law. Hitler’s claims were based on nothing but his claims, just as the claim for extra-legal power for Bush is based on nothing but memos written by his political appointees.

The Bush administration, backed by the neoconservative Federalist Society, has brought the separation of powers, the foundation of our political system, to crisis. The Federalist Society, an organization of Republican lawyers, favors more "energy in the executive." Distrustful of Congress and the American people, the Federalist Society never fails to support rulings that concentrate power in the executive branch of government. It is a paradox that conservative foundations and individuals have poured money for 23 years into an organization that is inimical to the separation of powers, the foundation of our constitutional system.
September 11, 2001, played into neoconservative hands exactly as the 1933 Reichstag fire played into Hitler’s hands. Fear, hysteria, and national emergency are proven tools of political power grabs. Now that the federal courts are beginning to show some resistance to Bush’s claims of power, will another terrorist attack allow the Bush administration to complete its coup?
... End of Article by PCR

The USA is under the occupation of a crime family who funded Hitler, profited from Auschwitz, sold weapons to terrorists under Iran Contra, set up death squads throughout South America and who continue to use the CIA as a drug running, "intelligence" agency that has become the American KGB, a gang of thugs who oppress their own country.

This situation MUST be faced or it will repeated again and again and again. There are over a million DEAD in Iraq, thousands incarcerated and more being tortured. All the while American news media sits mute, the blood of millions of innocents on their hands, as they continue to cover for the most criminal regime in the history of the United States of America. Until they are dealt with they will continue to kill our dreams, our prophets and our leaders.

Let us stand and demand that Genocide George and this family of monsters be brought to justice.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Impeaching Bush is Imperative

Artists have a level of sensitivity and intuition that puts them out in front of the pack and they often let us know what is coming down the pipe because they are able to see and sense things those less conscious cannot.. For this reason advanced societies throughout the ages have looked to their artists as a moral compass or reflection of what is happening, or may happen in the future. I found this article by Richard Dreyfuss particularly profound, and hope you find some merit in it as well.

Impeaching Bush Is 'Cause Worth Fighting for,' Actor Says
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
February 17, 2006( - Richard Dreyfuss, the actor who starred in movies ranging from "Jaws" to "Mr. Holland's Opus," told an audience in Washington, D.C., on Thursday that "there are causes worth fighting for," and one of those is the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

"There are causes worth fighting for even if you know that you will lose," Dreyfuss said during a speech at the National Press Club.

"Unless you are willing to accept torture as part of a normal American political lexicon, unless you are willing to accept that leaving the Geneva Convention is fine and dandy, if you accept the expansion of wiretapping as business as usual, the only way to express this now is to embrace the difficult and perhaps embarrassing process of impeachment." See Video
Noting that the process was established by the country's "founders, who we revere to check executive abuse with congressional balance," Dreyfuss said impeachment "is a statement that we refuse to endorse bad behavior." See Video

"If we refuse to debate the appropriateness of the process of impeachment, we endorse that behavior, and we approve the enlargement of executive power," regardless of whoever may occupy the White House in the future, he said."And don't kid yourselves: No one ever gives up power, ever," Dreyfuss added."Now, it is not your job as the press to impeach George Bush," the actor stated. However, people in the media should "maintain the integrity of that debate" by not dismissing the topic out of hand as partisan or unpatriotic.


(The energy and light of every being who died in the 9/11 tragedy perpetrated from within the country DEMANDS that we accept the torch and bring this American Caligula to justice.
The Bush Bullies will fade away like a bad smell when confronted with real courage and finally, justice.)

During his address on the subject of Hollywood's view of contemporary news media, Dreyfuss said he is not a cynic or a liberal, but is instead a "'libo-conservo-middle-of-the-roado,' and I have been for many years.""I'm deeply in love with my country," he added. "As a matter of fact, I'm deeply in love with the country that I was taught about in school, the land of the free and the home of the brave. "Nevertheless, Dreyfuss charged that "people can sometimes be pretty thoughtless, pretty terrified and do some pretty impressive damage" when they are wrong or "are the victims of political hypnosis."In the past, "time and distance played an amazing part in keeping the human race from killing itself," the actor noted. The need for revenge after an attack "inevitably weakened because it took a lot of time to get men into ships and move them to the right battlefield. Only those truly staunch of heart and truly zealous could keep up that hatred.

...and finally,
Television did this. Television created the sound bite and then shrunk it," the actor said. "Television replaced words with images so that people make extraordinary decisions based not on prose or any attempt at analysis," but on pictures instead. See Video The actor saved his harshest tone for those who accuse critics of the government and its officials of having a more serious motive."Watch me lose my sense of humor if people accuse me of treason," Dreyfuss said before mocking two of the Fox News Channel's most popular hosts. "'That's not very O'Reilly of you, Mister Smarty-Pants,' or 'What would Sean Hannity have to say about that, Mister Too-Complex-for-Your-Own-Good?'" See Video
However, "none of this happened because of any conspiracy," he stated. "This happened because we have not paid attention to the new rules of the electronic media."To restore true American values, the actor called for children to be taught "the tools of debate and dissent," as well as a return to the principle of civility, which he called "the oxygen that democracies require else they become poisoned and die, as this democracy will."


I would go a step further and state that if bush and cheney are NOT prosecuted then the USA has sent the message to the world that you can steal the office of the presidency do any damn thing you want for 8 years, including the murder of over a million people in an illegal, immoral war, the torture of same (capture on tape and digital photographs for the world to see) and yet this immoral, criminal administration will walk? Then there is no law in the United States of America - none. Any law is a farce that applies only to those opposing the Bush crime family.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The State of Bubba Bush

From Chris Hedges at, a gem,

Monday, January 14, 2008 by

The End of the Road for George W. Bush
by Chris Hedges

The Gilbert and Sullivan charade of statesmanship played out by George W. Bush and his enabler, Condoleezza Rice, as they wander the Middle East is a fitting end to seven years of misrule. Despots stripped of power are transformed from monsters into buffoons. And this is the metamorphosis that is eating away at the Bush presidency.
Bush stood in Jerusalem, uncomfortable and palpably bored. He mouthed platitudes about a peace settlement that mocked the humanitarian crisis he aided and abetted in Gaza, the rapacious land grab by Israel in the West Bank and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The diminished George Bush, increasingly irrelevant at home and abroad, is fading into insignificance. A year from now one half expects to see him stand up at the next president’s inauguration and screech “I’m melting! I’m melting!” as he sinks into a puddle of slime. He will return, I expect, to his ranch, where he will be able to spend the rest of his life doing the only task for which he has shown any aptitude-cutting down brush with a chain saw.

When Bush met with the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah he blithely defended the patchwork of Israeli roadblocks that have turned the West Bank into a series of ringed Palestinian ghettos. The roadblocks, he told Abbas, are necessary for Israeli security. He announced that the 1949 Green Line, the borders established by the United Nations, would never be restored. There would be no discussion, he said, of the status of Jerusalem. And the plight of Palestinian refugees would be solved by setting up an international fund, meaning, of course, that none would ever return. In short, he offered an unequivocal endorsement of right-wing Israeli policy with not a murmur of dissent. And the Palestinians can either have it rammed down their throat or rot. Bush will be back, he has promised, in May to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state. Olmert, no doubt, will again be fulsome in his praise, which is probably what Bush’s trip to the Middle East is, at its core, really about. Bush desperately wants someone to pretend with him that he is an agent for peace and statesmanship. Olmert, who knows the callow American leader will give him everything he desires, is happy to oblige.

The agenda of the Bush White House is exposed as irrelevant, myopic and counterproductive. Most Arab countries are in open defiance of Washington and are actively reaching out to Iran.
“As long as they [Iran] have no nuclear program … why should we isolate Iran? Why punish Iran now?” Arab League Secretary-General Abu Moussa told The Washington Post.
The chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, is in Iran for talks. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended December’s Gulf Cooperation Council summit. The Iranian president attended the just-completed hajj in Mecca at the invitation of the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah. Tehran is exploring the resumption of diplomatic ties with Egypt, cut since the 1979 revolution, and has offered to cooperate with Cairo in the production of nuclear energy. And the Syrian and Lebanese governments have ignored Washington’s warnings to sever ties with Hezbollah and Hamas.

...It is the end of the road for George Bush. The world takes less and less notice of him. He strutted and swaggered across the stage. He bellowed and raged. He plundered and murdered. And now he wants to be anointed as a peacemaker. His presidency, like his life, has been a tragic waste. But he at least he has a life. There are tens of thousands of mute graves in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan that stand as stark testaments to his true legacy. If he wants to redeem his time in office he should kneel before one and ask for forgiveness.

Chris Hedges, who graduated from Harvard Divinity School and was for nearly two decades a foreign correspondent for The New York Times, is the author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.

This is the REAL history kept from the American people by the Wag the Dog TV media.

The unfinished business of congress is to IMPEACH this entire clan and seize all assets from sixty years of trading with the enemy. Otherwise expect them right back again, lying, cheating and stealing the world blind, after declaring another bogus war.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Big "O" No Longer Belongs to Oprah

The news from the USA has been so grim and dark for the past seven years that it is like a breath a fresh air when Barack Obama takes the stage. A man who can use the english language with the poetic nuance of a Kennedy, and yet draw down and come up big to sound a bit like RFK, JFK and MLK all rolled into one. He crosses the boundaries of pettiness, bigotry and partisanship by simply refusing to play by the old rules. In fact his win in SC may very well have catapaulted politics to a higher ground, one based on the solid integrity of a good and decent man, who has seen his country under a criminal regime, wounded, battered and bleeding and has come to heal it. Now if we can only stop the usual gang from assassinating him, or orchestrating a plane crash.

So forgive me for a little unabashed hope, I thought y'all might enjoy this article on how Obama (the Big O) win might change things:

Opening Up a Can of Obama
Barack trounces Hillary.

By John Dickerson
Posted Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, at 8:54 PM ET
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
beat Hillary Clinton so badly in South Carolina it may spawn some new kind of Southern colloquialism. When Clemson spanks an opponent by five touchdowns it will be called an Obama. Fans will taunt the losing team as they walk off the field by making an "O" against their foreheads.

Clinton also went after John Edwards. At the last minute, as Edwards started climbing in the polls, the Clinton campaign unleashed phone calls that essentially said he was a big phony.

Well Hillary did manage to bring the left and right together - for Obama. We all got to see the dark side of Hill and Bill and could actually sympathize with the rabid right wingers who have been after them for so long. Hillary was on a roll until the last debate, when she attacked, interrupted, talked over and generally tried to treat Barack Obama as if he were the (verbally abused) hired help. She twisted his words on Reagan and then when that did not stick she just began to raise her voice keep repeating the same mean mantra. Ultimately neither she or Bill get it that when you slam slam the decision of everyone voting for him or who might vote for him...and that tends to piss people off. Then the classless concession to Obama, with Bill Clinton basically giving a speech that infered he thought Hill to be the best candidate and if someone had not voted for her they were not too swift. Then he really buried the campaign by inferring that "Jessie Jackson had won SC too." if Obama were a black candidate and one shot wonder. That made the comment racist, demeaning and exposed a nasty side of Clinton.

Americans are tired of criminal, lying, mean spirited people and unless candidates and their spouses understand that - then they may be in for some surprises come election day, providing the election can be decided by the votes and not the Diebold machines as they were in Nevada and New Hampshire.

...What we have to watch is the electronic voting. Diebold gave Hillary New Hampshire, let us keep the light on the electornic voting machines. It is not right that Diebold stole New Hampshire for Hillary ...we need to be super alert for Super Tuesday to have democracy and not Diebold decide.

And if you are feeling a tad low and that things are not about to improve, listen to Barack Obama, he offers something we have not had in years, hope.

Now let's protect him and put the right wing on notice that if they touch one hair on his precious head, we are coming after them. We have had enough of our prophets murdered by the evil within who dare call themselves "elite."

Let's give them the BIG O...on their way to GITMO (for TREASON).

Prosecuting Treason and Ending This Nightmare

Arresting the Criminal Coup Running Canada and the USA

Is the "Terrorist Threat" Another Bush-Cheney Fabrication
by Sherwood Ross
Global Research, September 16, 2007
The Nation magazine said. The publication reports an additional 8,000 foreign nationals were sought out by the FBI for interviews and more than 5,000 foreign nationals were put in “preventive detention” --- a total of 93,000 people made to register, subjected to interview, or jailed.
“Yet as of September, 2007, not one of these people stands convicted of a terrorist crime,” says an article titled, “Why We’re Losing The War on Terror.” Reading the data it presents, though, and examining other reliable sources, raises the question of whether the “terrorist threat” to USA isn’t wildly exaggerated or an outright fabrication. Here’s why:
The above-cited pattern of dragnet arrests without trials or convictions is being repeated across the Middle East with like results. The Bush regime is literally framing thousands of innocent men and boys to make it appear they constitute a “terrorist” threat to America. Yes, boys, some as young as eight.
According to Nation magazine co-authors David Cole, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and Jules Lobel, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh Law School, the Bush regime has little to show in the way of convictions of those it imprisoned in Guantanamo, which ex-Defense Secretary Rumsfeld trumpeted housed “the worst of the worst.”

The Pentagon’s Combatant Status Review Tribunals’ own findings categorized only 8 percent of some 500 detainees held there in 2006 as fighters for Al Qaeda or the Taliban. More than half of the 775 Guantanamo detainees have now been released,” Cole and Lobel write. Americans needs to ask, since Bush boasted as far back as 2003 the U.S. had arrested 3,000 terrorist suspects, “Why didn’t the government try them?”

As Jane Mayer reported in the July 3, 2006, The New Yorker, “Only ten of the more than 700 men who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo have been formally charged with any wrong-doing.”
Mayer also wrote, when the Pentagon planned to screen the suspects via “Article 5” hearings on the battlefields of Afghanistan, “the White House cancelled the hearings, which had been standard protocol during the previous fifty years, including in the first Gulf War.” Why? Could it be the Pentagon just wanted live, warm bodies, and innocence be damned?
Former President Jimmy Carter wrote in “Our Endangered Values”(Simon & Schuster), after visiting six of the 25 U.S. prisons, the Red Cross found “107 detainees under eighteen, some as young as eight years old.” Eight-year-old terrorists? And investigative reporter Seymour Hersh reported there were 800-900 Pakistani boys in custody aged 13 to 15. Never mind that the Red Cross, Pentagon, and Amnesty International “have gathered substantial testimony of torture of children, confirmed by soldiers who witnessed or participated in the abuse,” according to Carter. Apparently, the Bush regime is tearing elementary school children away from their parents to build up its “terrorist” arrest data.

(While in Canada our illustrious pack of puerile, pious cowards just refuses to SEE and BELIEVE their own eyes and the truckload of photos of American TORTURE, stating in fact that they had made an "error" placing Israel and the USA on a list of countries who torture. What happened Steve, did ol Dubya call you to
get your goosestep back in time?

Here is Canada's own Stevie Wonder making a speech at where else THE EMPIRE CLUB,...
gosh you would think they would have made him a Lord now, like Conrad Black...the surplus is nearly completely blown in handouts to corporations.

back to the article...

The British Guardian newspaper on March 15, 2005, carried a disturbing interview with Dr. Rafiullah Bidar, regional director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, of Gardez --- an entity funded by the U.S. Congress to investigate warlord abuses, and supposedly an American asset.
"All I do nowadays is chart complaints against the US military," Bidar lamented. "Many thousands of people have been rounded up and detained by them. Those who have been freed say that they were held alongside foreign detainees who've been brought to this country to be processed. No one is charged. No one is identified. No international monitors are allowed into the US jails." He pulled out a handful of files: "People who have been arrested say they've been brutalised - the tactics used are beyond belief." Again, mass roundups, followed by no charges, and harsh confinement with torture.
The Guardian said terror suspects are being housed in about 25 prisons across Afghanistan, the hub of the U.S. prison network, and in dozens of facilities in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the British island of Diego Garcia.

Military officials estimate more than 60,000 Iraqis have been arrested and detained since the U.S. invasion and returned GI’s interviewed by The Nation (July 30) said “the majority of detainees they encountered were either innocent or guilty of only minor infractions.” Army Reserve Specialist Aidan Delgado, 25, of Sarasota, Fla., of the 320th Military Police Company, said, “I read these rap sheets on all the prisoners at Abu Ghraib and what they were there for. I look down this roster and see petty theft, public drunkenness, forged coalition documents.” Delgado added, “These aren’t terrorists. These aren’t our enemies. They’re just ordinary people, and we’re treating them harshly.” Even U.S. intelligence officers admitted to the Red Cross 70 to 90 percent of Abu Ghraib detainees are being held by mistake. Again, the same pattern of criminal conduct by the Bush regime.

As for domestic terrorists, the FBI admitted in 2005 that it had yet to identify a single Al Qaeda sleeper cell in the entire U.S. (They were likely all given free passage by Bush on the flights right after 911...when do we see those flight rosters?) “And it hasn’t found any since,” write Cole and Lobel, “unless you count the Florida group arrested in 2006 whose principal step toward an alleged plot to blow up the Sears Tower was to order combat boots and whose only Al Qaeda ‘connection’ was to a federal informant pretending to be Al Qaeda.” In its most ballyhooed “terrorist” case against a U.S. citizen, Jose Padilla was convicted only for attending an Al Qaeda training camp and conspiring to support Muslim rebels in Chechnya and Bosnia before 9/11, not for any of the heinous crimes he was initially charged with planning.
Significantly, Cole and Lobel note in December, 2005, the bipartisan 9/11 Commission gave the Administration “failing or near-failing grades on many of the most basic domestic security measures, including assessing critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, securing weapons of mass destruction, screening airline passengers and cargo, sharing information between law enforcement and intelligence agencies, insuring that first responders have adequate communications,” etc.

Is this just more incompetence or is the White House deliberately lax because it knows the terrorist threat is one it has largely fabricated? In sum, the American people need to demand to know, “Why so few trials?” Are there virtually no trials because, in fact, there are no terrorists? Is the case against the thousands rotting in prisons no stronger than the phony case Bush made against “terrorist” Saddam Hussein with his WMD? Consider this final point: The last “terrorist” strike on U.S. soil was the anthrax attack on Congress in October, 2001 that killed five people --- and the anthrax used was traced back to U.S. military facilities, George W. Bush, commander-in-chief.

Sherwood Ross is a Miami, FL-based publicist who has worked as a newspaper reporter, wire service columnist and radio talk show host at WOL, Washington, D.C.
Sherwood Ross is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Sherwood Ross

And in Canada we have a "leader" who follows a criminal US regime in lockstep, taking our country down a path devoid of conscience, integrity, or the basic principles of democracy that we hold so dear. It is time to stand and say, "NO MORE, NOT NOW and ESPECIALLY NOT IN OUR NAMES!"

Further, mr. bush, cheney, harper (yada) you are under arrest for treason, manufactured terror, and obstruction of justice. Because before we can begin to dream again, we need to address the recurring nightmare in our midst. Bring them to justice, now or they will just assassinate our real leaders, destroy our dreams and end any possibility of a decent future for all of us. It is time to take off the blinders, quit shoving this crap under the carpet and making the criminals of the century be accountable.

Let it be said of us that we stood as a people and held these monsters to account. We are better than this and we need to show it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mulroney Money Trail Main Topic on Agenda

It looks like 2008 will not be disappointing in terms of revealing the Mulroney (Harper's mentor) money trail. Given that Mulroney and Reagan started the "free trade" sham that killed North America it is gratifying to have some light shed on the pair.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Former Mulroney chief of staff to tell MPs about cash at 24 Sussex Drive

Bruce Cheadle,

OTTAWA - A fresh allegation that large amounts of cash arrived at 24 Sussex Drive while Brian Mulroney was prime minister is setting the stage for a stormy return of the Commons ethics committee next week.
MPs on the committee are looking into the relationship between the former Tory prime minister and German-Canadian arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber, who paid Mulroney three cash instalments shortly after he left office totalling at least $225,000.

The money - Schreiber says it was $300,000 - apparently related to lobbying work for a light-armoured vehicle maker, possibly for a Canadian manufacturing plant known as the Bear Head project.
But Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Mulroney in the early 1990s, says he'll be bringing documented evidence to Parliament Hill of other cash transactions.
"The MPs will be interested no doubt in my good knowledge of the Bear Head project when I was chief of staff to Mr. Mulroney," Spector wrote in French this week in Le Devoir newspaper, while confirming he's to appear as a witness.

"I equally hope to help the committee understand the motivations and the behaviour of my old boss by discussing other cases," Spector continued.
"Finally, documents in hand, I believe myself quite capable of helping them identify the source of large quantities of money carried to 24 Sussex while Mr. Mulroney was prime minister of Canada."
Spector did not respond to interview requests Friday, but the allegations are not entirely new.

Investigative journalist Stevie Cameron's 1994 book "On The Take" cited a chef at 24 Sussex saying he transferred thousands of dollars in cash between the Prime Minister's Office and Mila Mulroney, the prime minister's wife. Francois Martin also told Cameron he saw Mulroney removing cash from a large safe in the basement of the official residence.

...The question of Mulroney's "culture of cash" - as Thibault put it - will certainly be part of the committee agenda.
Martin, the former chef, will join Spector among about a dozen witnesses the committee plans to call in coming weeks. MPs will hold a private meeting Tuesday to set the agenda, with the next round of witnesses set to start testifying on Thursday.
Given that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said a public inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair will only begin after the committee hearings end, MPs must decide how many leads they want to pursue.
Opposition MPs all agreed Friday that coming from a former chief of staff, Spector's allegations must be heard.
"So it's not very new," noted Bloc Quebecois MP Carole Lavallee in an interview.
"But what's new is that it's coming from a credible person who was in the Mulroney entourage. This is new."
Added Lavallee: "Something tells me that we are going to hear interesting things."
© The Canadian Press, 2008

The complete article may be read at:

As Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) would say Mr. Spector... DOooooooooooooooooo Tell.

We await your enlightenment with the eager anticipation of a populace starved for truth, while our elected officials have succeeded (in lockstep with corporate USA) in robbing Canada of her manufacturing base and raping the national treasury. It is time for a little justice for the people, of the people and by the people - Canadian style. Let's hear the truth then act based on the facts and that truth. Until law is something applied equally to all, we have no democracy, just an hypocrisy of greedy people in suits who will do anything to anyone for a buck.

Then, let us move to take our country back from American rule in the form of Stephen Harper. It really is time we had a little "come to jesus" meeting with mr. harper about truth, integrity, lies and accountability. So starting with his muse Mulroney, is likely an excellent place to set the stage.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

USA Under Criminal Occupation

I thought we might start the day with an article from Independent Media

Bush Crime Family Defrauding America

New American Rebels 22.05.2002 13:31

Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now?

Allies, Editors & Emissaries:
Anyone who wants to understand what is REALLY going on behind the bogus "War on Terror" and the Bush family's connection to terrorist groups, should study these resources carefully. Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now? Sadly, this is nothing new in the rest of the world, where the CIA has run rampant for the past 40 years. Now that they have taken over the U.S. in a classic CIA coup, the horror is hitting Americans right in their hearts, while Bush & associates are busy looting the national treasury and building more expensive weapons systems. Don't believe us? Read what one of Bush's own CIA commanders has to say below. And at least give a glance at what one of his Generals has to say in "Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Revealed" in the following list: Defrauding America: The Bushes, Fascism & the CIA Also, take special note of the "Bush-Florida-Cuba Connection"... therein lies the murdered corpse of JFK...

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

-- Martin Luther King Jr. White Rose Resistance Pacifica

Oh Mama Mila the Mulroney rip off squad is back again, hang onto your furniture. Hell Harper has already put us on notice that he is buying Quebec and selling Canada. These WAG THE DOG Prime Ministers are the placed peons of the Bush crime family and do they sit up and beg. Hell they even dress exactly alike at every they are going steady. Heaven forbid that they should have a free thought.
This week they distinguished Canada by saying that it was a "mistake" to place Israel and the USA on a torture list. The only mistake is the fact that we have a gutless, leaderless, devoid of integrity prime minister who is goose stepping to hell with these torturing, lying, war profiteering bastards.
Sorry...but while our fathers and mothers were sacrificing everything they had to fight fascism...these bastards are today moving us into a totally fascist system run by the same U. S. corporations who funded Hitler. (Its in their own Library of Congress and U.S. National Archives for anyone who wants the REAL history of this sordid, lying lot.)

Oh ya...this is the most treasonous family in the history of the good ol USA and can the justice system bring them to justice - NOT A CHANCE - the Supreme Court is stacked with Nazi judges...just as they did in Nazi Germany - they have their judges. The press core tip toes around Bush and Cheney as if they were GODS...not mere crooks destroying the country while the fifth estate watches and plays silly bugger to Hillary's hit/ smear squad on Obama.
Ignoring her DIEBOLD win in New Hampshire, where in the places she won...a Diebold machine was used and anywhere hands counts were used...Obama won. Moreover, Hillary, invariably starts ragging on Obama in a style that lowers her presence to that of a spoiled child trying to bully her way monopolizing the conversation. I think John Edwards summed it up best when he said, "I thought I would represent the grown up part of the Democratic party.
Well Hillary has proved ONE thing...she IS divisive and the media are certainly hyping it.
Moreover if she is willing to do this to a fellow Democrat can you imagine the slime we are going to see between a Rupublican and Democrat. Ah well knowing the American media...if Hillary gets in we can look forward to 8 years of Bill's escapades

Ya know under Bill Clinton NAFTA was started and signed, and imprisonment in the USA went through the ceiling with the drug laws passed by congress. There are now more people of color incarcerated in the USA, heck there are more people incarcerated in the USA than anywhere else on earth. (Doesn't sound very "free" to me). Under Bill Clinton the labor of those prisoners was and still is sold (cheap) to corporations. Indeed the guy calling you from AT&T may be in a prison your own searches and it is all there.

Under Bill Clinton and in Canada Paul Martin (and Jean Chretian), agreements were signed for free trade, the North American Union was started and the largest incarceration in history began.
Given that people of color suffer the most from illegal, immoral incarceration in the USA - how is Bill Clinton a friend to black America? Plus the illegal corporate merging of Canada, Mexico and the USA proceeded regardless of party in government. So we are "voting" for a choice of corporate CEO with the agenda set by a shadow government from corporate Canada/USA. In Canada our census has been contracted to Lockheed Martin and our Canada Pension plan has been vested in military industrial stock ...all well beyond the knowledge of the average voter, because like the US TV media...our news programs have beem mute to the treason in office who is clearly a country capo (mob manager) for the Bush crime family.

I know he invited a lot of entertainers and poets to the White House who happen to be black...but come on folks... more than a million blacks are incarcerated in the USA under drug laws that only seem to apply to them. While the CIA is nothing but a criminal agency, running drugs, murdering, assassinating and for all intents and purposes behaving as terrorists worldwide. WHY Is the DEA in Canada harassing Marc Emery for example - get out of our country, you have no jurisdiction here. WHY don't we have answers from our media and government. WHY ?

I think this cartoon is the most accurate news report on the news media that we have seen in some time.

Aiding and abetting fraud and treason is getting really old American TV news....and the public is going to hold you accountable.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking The Timeless Tedium of this Tortured Treason

The number is shocking and sobering. It is at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the US media, yet it is based on a scientific study of violent Iraqi deaths caused by the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003.
That study, published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet, estimated that over 600,000 Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion as of July 2006. Iraqis have continued to be killed since then. (number based on a rate of increase derived from the Iraq Body Count. (See the complete explanation.)
The estimate that over a million Iraqis have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in September 2007. Opinion Research Business estimated that 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed violently since the US invasion.
This devastating human toll demands greater recognition. It eclipses the Rwandan genocide and our leaders are directly responsible. Little wonder they do not publicly cite it. Here is simple HTML code to post the counter to your website and help spread the word.

Actions you can take right now

Sign the petition telling Congress that about a million Iraqis have likely been killed and urging them to end this war now. A large number of signatures on this and other petitions is a compelling way to keep pressure on Congress as there are more votes on the war. Add your name»
Write a letter to the Editor: Letters are one of the most frequently-read sections of a newspaper. Our tool makes it easy to craft one. Write a letter»
Tell your friends about this estimate of Iraqi deaths. Spread the word now»

Support this Campaign
With a tax-deductible contribution, you can help us continue this important work. Click to contribute.

Post the Iraqi Death Estimator on your website
Fight attempts to minimize Iraqi suffering and remind visitors to your site of the awful human costs of continued war. (If you post the counter to your website, email us and we will add your link to the list.)

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

If you post this counter you must link it to

Comments, suggestions or ideas on spreading the word? Drop a note to patrick [at]

Now, God Speed my a thousand points of light for truth and integrity, let us hold these traitors accountable.

Not MY Canada - Go to Hell Harper

Ottawa reverses torture stance

The U.S. Navy detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, houses accused "enemy combatants," including Canadian Omar Khadr.
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Canada torture manual (.PDF)
U.S., Israel wrongly included, foreign affairs minister says of federal government manual
Jan 20, 2008 04:30 AM Michelle Shephard
National Security Reporter

The Canadian government now says Guantanamo Bay, the United States and Israel were mistakenly included as sites of possible torture in a government manual that was inadvertently disclosed last week. (Apparently photographs published from Abu Gharib and all over the web are not enough evidence ..not to mention the case of ARAR...for the Canadian government to be honorable). This means our Canadian government WILL deport any one of us if the USA so desires to one of their torture chambers.

The legacy of American "democracy" is written by the children on the walls of Iraq (those left standing that have not been bombed to the 16th century in a country where SEVEN YEARS LATER...there is no power, no electricity, death squads and 150,000 US MERCENARIES who report to no one. Support the
troops...doing what? Are you supporting GENOCIDE?

Here we have William (Bill) Kristol the right wing hack presented constantly on CNN, FOX and the other CIA mockingbird drone stations, sprinkled intermittently with Bill Bennett or some other hack from an American "heritage" think tank, where they grow a Nazi a minute, the cretins of the religious right cult of control.

While Canada has managed to disgrace itself beyond all historical
action. We have sided with a nation who is a terrorist, torturing BRUTE and took their names, along with Israel off a
torture list because under Harper...we are the goose stepping
hit men of the Bushite crime family. Seig Heil mr. harper...when are you deporting Marc Emery to the American GULAG.

Some Canada...there are photographs all over the internet of
this lying, cheating, cowardly government torturing, raping, and killing while while our wussy government will not stand for truth.

Well mr. harper you and your fundamentalist fascist hacks will soon be history...if we can ever get the truth out of our own media and reveal the manipulation and control behind your placement. In the meantime, your values are not Canadian values mr. harper and I wish you and your lying, cheating, torturing thugs would go to hell, because you and your cowardly clan of "conservatives" do NOT represent my Canada or me in any way. You are criminals. (As are Manley and Martin...the former "liberals" who sold us out in the NAU)
We had best have another cup of coffee this AM and wake up to the fact that in Canada this thug government has handed us over to the most criminal regime in American history. Clearly Mr. Arar was not a misnomer...but standard practice for our criminal government.

THIS is the most shameful act in the history of Canada, what utter cowardice that we cannot face the faults of other governments who are our friends. Then there is no hope for recovery is there...we just keep bowing, scraping and goose-stepping ...while pretending Harper is not all that bad. WAKE UP Canada we were just sold down the river to fascism and if this goes unchallenged we have condoned torture. Our fathers, mothers, and grandparents died for the greed of this slime, who never have enough and fabricate patriotism to fuel their criminality.

ENOUGH. Let us hold our own government ACCOUNTABLE. This is a criminal decision that flies directly in the face of fact, the Geneva convention and International Laws. Simply ignoring the torture committed by our "friends" makes it go away?

This is not my Canada and mr. harper you can go to hell and take your fascist friends with you. Between Manley, Martin and now you selling our country out to the North American Union...I don't know who we should prosecute long as we start soon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Emery Must Not Be Sent to the Criminal U.S. Government

Khadr -- a Canadian citizen who was just 15-years-old when he was captured in Afghanistan more than five years ago and taken to Guantanamo -- has claimed that he has been tortured at the prison. Now, CTV News has obtained documents that put Guantanamo Bay on a torture watch list. Khadr's U.S. military lawyer says the new documents contradict Harper's assurances that his client is receiving fair treatment.

"Omar has certainly been abused, his rights have been violated under international law, and apparently the Canadian government has reason to believe that's true, and yet, they've acted not at all to assist him," William Kuebler told CTV News. Khadr's lawyers say suspicions of torture undermine claims that he can get a fair trial from the military commission in Guantanamo Bay. They want him sent back to Canada to face justice here. But the government has said he's charged with serious crimes and they are waiting for the U.S. judicial process to play itself out.
So far I have not heard an official government response to this Canadian watch list.

And from this marvelous UK blog:

CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) gets caught again.
January 16, 2008

by Daniel Hopsicker

Two American-registered drug planes busted in Mexico carrying four and 5.5 tons of cocaine are just the "tip of the iceberg" in a blockbuster aviation deal which sold 50 American-registered aircraft to the Sinaloa Cartel, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.
According to an indictment released over the holidays by Mexico’s Atty. General, Pedro Alfonso Alatorre, already indicted as the cartel’s chief financier, purchased the DC9 (N900SA) airliner, the Gulfstream II business jet (N987SA), and 48 other planes not yet identified for Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel with laundered drug money, using a company he controls which owns currency exchanges at major airports in Mexico.
Now we know who bought the airplanes. The trickier question is: who sold them? The answer, normally, would be, "Their local counterparts in international organized crime."
But these aren't normal circumstances. Why? Because the U.S. doesn't even have any Drug Lords. Ask anybody at the DEA. Apparently, we don't even bother to field a team.


Elusive seldom-photographed American Drug Lords (link above)

News of a 50-plane fleet of drug smuggling aircraft being sold to a Mexican Cartel by mysteriously unnamed American owners confirms rumors of a mushrooming scandal, one which may eventually implicate top officials in the U.S., Mexico, and Colombia.
The reason was left unspoken in the Mexican Atty. General’s statement, because it lies on the American side of the equation, in the identity of the sellers of the planes...
The DC9 and the Gulfstream II, the two American jets now known to be part of a 50-plane sale, share interlocking ownership. The stock of two corporations which owned the planes was used in the massive recent Adnan Khashoggi-led stock fraud.

Khashoggi, currently a fugitive from justice in the case, engineered the biggest brokerage bankruptcy in America since the Great Depression, costing investors and taxpayers over $300 million.
With gas prices over $3 a gallon, you wouldn't think the Saudi billionaire needed the money. So, what did 'they' do with the money

Upcoming Presidential elections, perhaps?

The operation was manned by “retired” CIA and military intelligence personnel, had close ties to major Bush backers and the national Republican Party, (Sen. Mel Martinez, until recently the Chairman of the GOP, flew free on Skyway’s Cocaine One DC9 during the crucial final two weeks of his campaign in Florida for the Senate.)
And with seeming impunity the operation engaged in multi-ton load drug trafficking, as well as massive financial fraud.
What began as a minor scandal without fanfare in April of 2006 with the bust of an American-registered DC-9 airliner carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula gathered momentum when a Gulfstream business jet flying out of the same airport was busted in the Yucatan 18 months later carrying 4 tons of cocaine.
The level of citizen outrage increased with the crash-landing of the second American plane. With the news that the number of American planes sold to Mexican drug traffickers was not just one or two planes—but 50—the scandal is now threatening to mushroom into something much larger.

Well you would have to have a media that is not compromised by the CIA to get to the truth...but this UK blog certainly managed to cut through the fascist flak and get to the truth.

So CBC Sunday, when you ask if Marc Emery should be deported to the USA to serve a FIVE YEAR term for selling pot seeds, it makes us a bit tense with the hypocritical hubris of the criminal hacks trying to arrest him. Perhaps if they spent more time cleaning up their own system - starting with the CIA and the Bush crime family, the world would not be in this mess.

As it is there is no justice system in the USA, especially when families who have traded with every enemy the USA ever had manage to steal the White House and occupy it for eight l-ong years. There is no law.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Useless Meanderings on a Sunday Morning

It is quite something don't you think, how the Bush occupation attempts to claim any high moral ground about anything. Along with the illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq, the provoked civil war (there) with Negroponte's infamous death squads following him as predictably as they did in South America, the U.S.A. itself is now bankrupt as it tends to be under Bush management (Some of us see this as SNL Redux).

Ah well if Iraq can find a dictator to play with the American oil companies, Iraq will be where the Phillipines is in no time and you too can dig through garbage for a living. Oh sure you will get to vote in an American style (rigged) election guaranteed to go to the latest Bush thug and dead ender. The script is written worldwide and implemented everywhere there is a natural resource wanted by a U.S. firm.

THIS is what the Canadian public would like to say to you mr. harper, over your brown-nosing Bush positions on everything - INCLUDING torture.
First Canadian officials get it right by placing the U.S.A. on a list of countries we do NOT deport to because they TORTURE....then Harper hastens to tell the world...ooops...grovel, sorry...
we would never put the USA on that list.
So rest easy folks...Harper will ship you to the USA to be tortured faster than he can flip flop on
Canadian law.

An IMPEACH CHENEY call in drive acquired at least 200,000 signatures (more than the membership of NASCAR) and MSM in the USA did not break the story. (Do I hear controlled,
totalitarian system?)

It is interesting to make this comment that no one is above the law when clearly the entire Bush family has been for at least sixty years of trading with the enemy. Heck Lynn Cheney sat on the board of Lockheed for 16 years aiding and abetting directed contracts during the Reagan
military fiascso when firms were soaking the budget (paid by us) up to $500 for a common wrench.

From Prescott to Poppy the evil entitlement has been blocked from public viewing, only under the clumsy, cruel incompetence of Dubya have we managed to see the full extent of this family's evil. Still, it is like living in a parallel universe to have the American press core tip toe around crime as if it had majesty.

Psychopaths by any other name. All the more astounding as we watch to see what atrocity they will next unveil while the MSM sits mute. The latest gem, while in Israel,
George W. Bush (whose family profited from Auschwitz and helped arm Hitler) stood at an Auschwitz Memorial and said,

"We should have bombed Auschwitz to stop the killing."

Gawd, can't they keep him at home. If he is not an embarassment to all of America, he surely is to humankind, who wonder if he is even of our species he seems so devoid of empathy or any feeling for anyone beyond himself.

AND if this president and future ones plan to impose themselves on the world as Emperor, and still claim to be pushing democracy then the WORLD should get to vote on who gets to be president. (I expect we'd have to then wait until Diebold machines could be shipped around the world to rig the world election )


The shining city on the hill is occupied by a crime family who have managed to revise history and keep the truth of their evil out of the press. Democracy at home and abroad is a rigged Diebold machine, a spin forced on us by journalists that hype an RNC or DNC candidate compatible to big business, while dropping labels like "liberal" as if we were living in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia and that word was a negative. What is the more laughable is that the liberals among us are the very ones who have stood for freedom time and again. John Kerry tried as a young prosecutor to bring the Iran Contra gang to justice and was smeared five ways sideways by a criminal congress and swift board swill from the Bush gang. The International Court ordered the USA to pay reparation payments to the country of Nicaragua for the destruction of that country through illegal bombing and Bush pulled the USA out of the International Court.

So the Bush occupation has also made the USA UNACCOUNTABLE CRIMINALS before the world, but people need to understand this has been going on for a l-ong time.
One constant remains the core of every war profiteering gang for the past sixty years is a Bush family member with the enemy...the one constant being ...make money over everything else.