Monday, August 18, 2008

Quips, Queries and Questions to the Bush Barbarians

Texas has oil, and is the home base of the terrorists turning America into a fascist state - why not bomb them and nationalize the oil?

Ah George and Abramoff the mobster sentenced to six years in jail. Everyone BUT American media seems to know that K Street had to go through Abramoff to Bush. Like the ENRON fraud this connection has been swept under the rug. Why isn't American media tying the links of corruption together and doing their job?

What is this the training center at the School of Americas where the USA trains death squads
to stir up civil war in every country they invade.
Then while the local inhabitants are killing each other - they steal the oil, or the diamonds, gold or whatever booty is available.

Why don't Americans know about the School of Americas and that fact that most FREE people consider it a training school for terrorists.

Who vetted George H.W. Bush for the presidency? This disgusting "family" has sixty years of trading with the enemy, lying to the people and continually provoking war for profit. The facts are in the U.S. National Archives.

What is the difference between Saddam and a Bush? Both torture, both lie, both steal, both
manipulate the media and have a secret police that operates beneath the law - ANY law.

What CEO will the fascist corporate machine pick next to fulfill their deregulation of America and the complete overthrow of American democracy?

Only Diebold or the fascist Opus Dei Supreme Court know for sure eh!

There clearly is no legal system of any integrity left in the USA, or these monsters would be in jail.