Sunday, January 20, 2008

Useless Meanderings on a Sunday Morning

It is quite something don't you think, how the Bush occupation attempts to claim any high moral ground about anything. Along with the illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq, the provoked civil war (there) with Negroponte's infamous death squads following him as predictably as they did in South America, the U.S.A. itself is now bankrupt as it tends to be under Bush management (Some of us see this as SNL Redux).

Ah well if Iraq can find a dictator to play with the American oil companies, Iraq will be where the Phillipines is in no time and you too can dig through garbage for a living. Oh sure you will get to vote in an American style (rigged) election guaranteed to go to the latest Bush thug and dead ender. The script is written worldwide and implemented everywhere there is a natural resource wanted by a U.S. firm.

THIS is what the Canadian public would like to say to you mr. harper, over your brown-nosing Bush positions on everything - INCLUDING torture.
First Canadian officials get it right by placing the U.S.A. on a list of countries we do NOT deport to because they TORTURE....then Harper hastens to tell the world...ooops...grovel, sorry...
we would never put the USA on that list.
So rest easy folks...Harper will ship you to the USA to be tortured faster than he can flip flop on
Canadian law.

An IMPEACH CHENEY call in drive acquired at least 200,000 signatures (more than the membership of NASCAR) and MSM in the USA did not break the story. (Do I hear controlled,
totalitarian system?)

It is interesting to make this comment that no one is above the law when clearly the entire Bush family has been for at least sixty years of trading with the enemy. Heck Lynn Cheney sat on the board of Lockheed for 16 years aiding and abetting directed contracts during the Reagan
military fiascso when firms were soaking the budget (paid by us) up to $500 for a common wrench.

From Prescott to Poppy the evil entitlement has been blocked from public viewing, only under the clumsy, cruel incompetence of Dubya have we managed to see the full extent of this family's evil. Still, it is like living in a parallel universe to have the American press core tip toe around crime as if it had majesty.

Psychopaths by any other name. All the more astounding as we watch to see what atrocity they will next unveil while the MSM sits mute. The latest gem, while in Israel,
George W. Bush (whose family profited from Auschwitz and helped arm Hitler) stood at an Auschwitz Memorial and said,

"We should have bombed Auschwitz to stop the killing."

Gawd, can't they keep him at home. If he is not an embarassment to all of America, he surely is to humankind, who wonder if he is even of our species he seems so devoid of empathy or any feeling for anyone beyond himself.

AND if this president and future ones plan to impose themselves on the world as Emperor, and still claim to be pushing democracy then the WORLD should get to vote on who gets to be president. (I expect we'd have to then wait until Diebold machines could be shipped around the world to rig the world election )


The shining city on the hill is occupied by a crime family who have managed to revise history and keep the truth of their evil out of the press. Democracy at home and abroad is a rigged Diebold machine, a spin forced on us by journalists that hype an RNC or DNC candidate compatible to big business, while dropping labels like "liberal" as if we were living in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia and that word was a negative. What is the more laughable is that the liberals among us are the very ones who have stood for freedom time and again. John Kerry tried as a young prosecutor to bring the Iran Contra gang to justice and was smeared five ways sideways by a criminal congress and swift board swill from the Bush gang. The International Court ordered the USA to pay reparation payments to the country of Nicaragua for the destruction of that country through illegal bombing and Bush pulled the USA out of the International Court.

So the Bush occupation has also made the USA UNACCOUNTABLE CRIMINALS before the world, but people need to understand this has been going on for a l-ong time.
One constant remains the core of every war profiteering gang for the past sixty years is a Bush family member with the enemy...the one constant being ...make money over everything else.