Friday, June 10, 2005



I am so overwhelmed with the mountain of evidence against the Bush Administration and the GOP ruled congress, that it is difficult to keep it all sorted.

Should I address the fact that the Bush Cheney administration operates above American law and has opted out of the International Criminal Court so they cannot be prosecuted for war crimes?

Or, should I address the CIA School of Americas where they train people in torture and terror then send them to other countries and attempt to destabilize the country and bring it under American corporate governance.

Perhaps I could run a poll and ask how many Americans know that President Allende of Chile was assassinated by the CIA on Sept. 11,1973 during Nixon’s criminal Presidency?

The Chilean people paid dearly for daring to elect a socialist. The CIA funded death squads from the School of Americas did the deed replacing Allende with General Pinochet a brutal military dictator.

American interests were protected once again and the Chilean people paid for their “mistake” with more than 15,000 dead, more than 30,000 prisoners, more than 100,000 brutally tortured, more than 200,000 dismissed for political reasons, and more than 30,000 students expelled from the university by the military that took over – and they stayed for THIRTY years.

Indeed, Saddam Hussein was hardly Mary Poppins but he acquired the weapons he presumably used on the Kurds from the U.S.A. – one Donald Rumsfeld in fact.

Which begs a question and one I asked in my last article: WHY in a country of over 250 million people do the same guys ( a Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell) keep showing up in government and every time they do a war is started, the death squads are back and the terror against other countries starts up again.

Does the Bush Administration have immunity from its own country’s laws AND International Law? It certainly seems so.

Since the U.S. television press core has relinquished responsibility for any real news reporting and has become a propaganda instrument for the Bush Administration, it is now left to the people to stand and be counted. It time to “get up – stand up” (as Bob Marley urged).

You can join John Conyers Jr. Detroit Democrat and attempt to bring some accountability to congress and the Bush cabal by flooding congress with faxes and emails DEMANDING Accountability Conyers is taking a brave stand given the seeming ability the Bush administration has to shut people up.

There is a sign over Dachau concentration camp that reads quite simply:

“Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it.”