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Criminal News Agencies Block Truth From Public

American news media is criminally complicit with the GOP/Bush campaign to destroy America.

One does not have to look far to find the damage American media has inflicted on the country and the world.

Here is smattering of articles addressing this issue:

"Even more telling, particularly coming from an official who was in charge of dealing with the press, is McClellan’s harsh indictment of the American media as a servile and willing accomplice in this process.

“If anything, the national press corps was probably too deferential to the White House and to the administration in regard to the most important decision facing the nation during my years in Washington, the choice over whether to go to war in Iraq,” he writes. “The collapse of the administration’s rationales for war, which became apparent months after our invasion, should never have come as such a surprise. ... In this case, the ‘liberal media’ didn’t live up to its reputation. If it had, the country would have been better served.”

Writes McClellan:

"In the fall of 2002, Bush and his White house were engaging in a carefully-orchestrated campaign to shape and manipulate sources of public approval to our advantage. We'd done much the same on other issues--tax cuts and education--to great success. But war with Iraq was different. Beyond the irreversible human costs and substantial financial price, the decision to go to war and the way we went about selling it would ultimately lead to increased polarization and intensified partisan warfare. Our lack of candor and honesty in making the case for war would later provoke a partisan response from our opponents that, in its own way, further distorted and obscured a more nuanced reality. Another cycle of deception would cloud the public's ability to see larger, underlying important truths that are critical to understand in order to avoid the same problems in the future.

"And through it all, the media would serve as complicit enablers. Their primary focus would be on covering the campaign to sell the war, rather than aggressively questioning the rationale for war or pursuing the truth behind it… the media would neglect their watchdog role, focusing less on truth and accuracy and more on whether the campaign was succeeding. Was the president winning or losing the argument? How were Democrats responding? What were the electoral implications? What did the polls say? And the truth--about the actual nature of the threat posed by Saddam, the right way to confront it, and the possible risks of military conflict--would get largely left behind…"

Daniel Ellsberg was instrumental in bringing the end to the Viet Nam war by exposing Pentagon Papers that proved the Pentagon themselves thought the war "unwinnable" and they continued the effort ONLY to support the military industrial complex. Ellsberg released papers to the news media proving the war was a sham.
They printed those papers then - I wonder if they would now.

Daniel Ellsberg:

In support of the official cover-up, various American journalists in the last weeks have reportedly received calls from "intelligence sources" hinting that "what Sibel Edmonds stumbled onto" is not a rogue operation by American officials and Congressmen working to their own advantage --- as believed by Edmonds and some other former or active FBI officials --- but a sensitive covert operation authorized at high levels. If there is any truth to that, we clearly have another prize candidate --- giving us, as blowback, the Pakistani Bomb and nuclear sales --- in the category of "worst covert operation in U.S. history," rivaling such contenders as the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra, and the secret CIA torture camps abroad.

If "freedom of the press is mainly for the people who own presses," it is time for those owners to stop using that freedom to help conceal official wrongdoing.
In the first two of those, the American press gullibly responded to official warnings of "sensitivity" and sat on information they should have reported (as did the New York Times, for a year, on the illegal NSA surveillance program). If the Washington Post had heeded such warnings and demands with respect to the covert torture camps, they would have missed a well-earned Pulitzer Prize and the camps would still be torturing.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

The criminal conspiracy that destroys America
Capitol Hill Blue
Sadly, the President of the United States is a criminal. In fact, he should be arrested, tried and sentenced to life in prison as a repeat offender.
He is a war criminal who led this nation into an illegal conflict based on lies. His criminal conduct in the invasion of Iraq has led to the deaths of more than 2,000 American military men and women and countless thousands of Iraqi civilians.
He ripped the Constitution to shreds, ordering the National Security Agency, the Pentagon and other government agencies to spy on American citizens.
His administration trampled basic American freedoms, creating a police state through the Gestapo tactics of the Department of Homeland Security and the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.
He lied to the American people about his close relationship with corrupt GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, claiming he didn’t know the man who raised more than $100,000 for his campaign and visited the White House more than 200 times in his first year in office as well as trips to the ranch in Crawford, Texas.
He ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to withhold information about dangerous toxins dumped into the air over Manhattan when terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center.
His vice president met secretly with the CEOs of America’s top energy companies, cutting deals that gave those companies record profits while ripping off consumers at the gas pump.

Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan official:

"There is no longer any question whatsoever, not a single sliver of doubt, that Americans were deceived into this disastrous war. The president of the United States lied to the American people, as did the vice president, the national security adviser, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the deputy secretary of defense, the undersecretary of defense, and every neoconservative in the Bush administration, think tanks, and media.
The fact that the American people were lied to and deceived does not absolve them from blame. The lie was transparent, the logic nonexistent, the true facts available and easy to discover.
America failed because the American people failed. The American people failed because their self-righteousness and hubris made them easy saps for deception.
Even now after five years of a disastrous policy, Republicans cannot accept the facts about the U.S. invasion and failed occupation of Iraq. At the recent "debate" between Republican presidential candidates in South Carolina, Rep. Ron Paul dared to tell the truth. Paul said that our difficulties in the Middle East are "blowback" from our government's determined attempts to exercise hegemony over the Middle East.

According to the Washington Post, since 2002 leading Democrats lawmakers received "about 30 private CIA briefings, some of which included descriptions of waterboarding, overseas rendition sites, "and other harsh interrogation methods." Officials present at some of the meetings, told the Post that the reaction from legislators "was not just approval, but encouragement."
If so, it would answer one of the great mysteries of 2007. The Democrats, once in control of Congress, had the courage to pursue cutoff of funds for the Iraq war, even though the Bush administration was happy to take advantage of their effort by characterizing it as failure to support the troops. The obvious companion strategy would have been to conduct intensive investigations to show that the entire Bush project has been to subvert law and Constitutional government in the interests of aggrandizing power nationally and internationally."

Indeed OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, the CIA propaganda system that runs the US media,
is nothing but a cheer leader for a country that is ruled by a gang of thugs and dead enders
who have normallized torture, while the country currently incarcerates more people than any country in the world.

American media is crimjnally complicit with the first Dictator in American history, a congress that is merely a criminal gang subsidized by K street and news media that is the laughing stock of the world.

Real news agencies do not have to bleat out every few moments that they are "the most trusted name in news." They just act and report responsibly, the who, what, when, where, why and how of TRUTH, the facts of a situation.

At the Nuremberg trials the Nazi propagandists were prosecuted, omitting only the American contributions to the arming of Nazi Germany.

It is time for our own Caine Mutiny. Let us collectively stand worldwide and tell these
lying, cheating, misleading news agencies and the tyrants they rode in on to go to hell.
Nationalize the oil, arrest Bush and Cheney and watch the world cool down.
Oh and put on trial the most UNtrusted names in news in the history of our respective countries.
They, like the scum who have stolen office, are the root of this evil.


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