Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not MY Canada - Go to Hell Harper

Ottawa reverses torture stance

The U.S. Navy detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, houses accused "enemy combatants," including Canadian Omar Khadr.
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Canada torture manual (.PDF)
U.S., Israel wrongly included, foreign affairs minister says of federal government manual
Jan 20, 2008 04:30 AM Michelle Shephard
National Security Reporter

The Canadian government now says Guantanamo Bay, the United States and Israel were mistakenly included as sites of possible torture in a government manual that was inadvertently disclosed last week. (Apparently photographs published from Abu Gharib and all over the web are not enough evidence ..not to mention the case of ARAR...for the Canadian government to be honorable). This means our Canadian government WILL deport any one of us if the USA so desires to one of their torture chambers.

The legacy of American "democracy" is written by the children on the walls of Iraq (those left standing that have not been bombed to the 16th century in a country where SEVEN YEARS LATER...there is no power, no electricity, death squads and 150,000 US MERCENARIES who report to no one. Support the
troops...doing what? Are you supporting GENOCIDE?

Here we have William (Bill) Kristol the right wing hack presented constantly on CNN, FOX and the other CIA mockingbird drone stations, sprinkled intermittently with Bill Bennett or some other hack from an American "heritage" think tank, where they grow a Nazi a minute, the cretins of the religious right cult of control.

While Canada has managed to disgrace itself beyond all historical
action. We have sided with a nation who is a terrorist, torturing BRUTE and took their names, along with Israel off a
torture list because under Harper...we are the goose stepping
hit men of the Bushite crime family. Seig Heil mr. harper...when are you deporting Marc Emery to the American GULAG.

Some Canada...there are photographs all over the internet of
this lying, cheating, cowardly government torturing, raping, and killing while while our wussy government will not stand for truth.

Well mr. harper you and your fundamentalist fascist hacks will soon be history...if we can ever get the truth out of our own media and reveal the manipulation and control behind your placement. In the meantime, your values are not Canadian values mr. harper and I wish you and your lying, cheating, torturing thugs would go to hell, because you and your cowardly clan of "conservatives" do NOT represent my Canada or me in any way. You are criminals. (As are Manley and Martin...the former "liberals" who sold us out in the NAU)
We had best have another cup of coffee this AM and wake up to the fact that in Canada this thug government has handed us over to the most criminal regime in American history. Clearly Mr. Arar was not a misnomer...but standard practice for our criminal government.

THIS is the most shameful act in the history of Canada, what utter cowardice that we cannot face the faults of other governments who are our friends. Then there is no hope for recovery is there...we just keep bowing, scraping and goose-stepping ...while pretending Harper is not all that bad. WAKE UP Canada we were just sold down the river to fascism and if this goes unchallenged we have condoned torture. Our fathers, mothers, and grandparents died for the greed of this slime, who never have enough and fabricate patriotism to fuel their criminality.

ENOUGH. Let us hold our own government ACCOUNTABLE. This is a criminal decision that flies directly in the face of fact, the Geneva convention and International Laws. Simply ignoring the torture committed by our "friends" makes it go away?

This is not my Canada and mr. harper you can go to hell and take your fascist friends with you. Between Manley, Martin and now you selling our country out to the North American Union...I don't know who we should prosecute long as we start soon.


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