Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republicans Run Distraction from Laundry List of Their Misdeeds

... 16 of 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Bush was going to "hunt em down" and now eight years later we hear McCain, monotoning about how he will chase Osama Bin Laden to the depths of hell. ( Try the Bush ranch, or the Saudi Royal family enclave.... Bin Laden was a CIA operative and the Saudi family OWNS the Bushs and thus America.)
Where is Osama Bin Laden?

And what could be more sexist AND cynical than the last minute appointment of Sarah Palin, to distract from the criminals behind the war, the HUGE deficit, and the ongoing bilking of the banking industry. (i.e. See BCCI, Neil Bush and the SNL Scandal...its all there) This slime have been bilking America for so long( and getting away with it) that they think they are Gods. Bush actually thinks that if he says something that makes it truth. (We're talking major bats in the belfry coupled with a boundless narcissist that is psychopathic in nature). HERE are the criminals behind the "war" (illegal invasion, occupation and ongoing GENOCIDE such that over a million civilians, largely children ,are dead or maimed for life)
Here are the unfeeling, non-negotiating, psychopaths of the NEO CON right who also control our news media with plants like Bill Bennett, and Bill Kristol or the American Enterprise (Nazi) Institute.
Seig Heil they support every war and trade with BOTH sides in every war...demanding they be treated as decent and honorable people when they are swine. WHEN is the AMERICAN MEDIA going to report the sixty years of enemy trading, Nazi appeasing corporate swine who have led us to this day? Never, they are paid by the evil within.

Anyone with a brain, a computer and some curiosity can find the entire past, present and likely fascist future of the USA. Wolfowitz and Kissinger should both be tried for war crimes.
Until America holds accountable those who are commiting genocide instead of letting them walk with a "boys will be boys" attitude. ...there will be
fascism. Until America holds accountable the entire Bush crime family, they will remain unaccountable.

Here are the country managers of the Bush crime family.

Harper even handed over a cool 450 million from the softwood lumber deal for Bush to do with as he wanted.
Harper, like his mentor Mulroney is a country manager that reports to a U.S. crime family, whose palatial estates by the seashore are built with the blood of Auschwitz victims and now Abu Gharib...all over them.
Next time Bush starts spewing about someone else...see how much of what he says applies to him and the USA


Why has the Bush crime family purchased over 188,000 hectacres of land in Paraguay and why are American militia all over that land?
Is Bush planning to escape to Paraguay with the other war criminals?

McCain is surrounded by lobbyists and a heartbeat and gunshot away from the presidency stands a religious right hack who is misogynistic (toward her own sex) and an insult to the intelligence of all women. Why isn't the media telling the world who appointed her - it most certainly was NOT John McCain. So who is calling the shots behind him?