Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mulroney Money Trail Main Topic on Agenda

It looks like 2008 will not be disappointing in terms of revealing the Mulroney (Harper's mentor) money trail. Given that Mulroney and Reagan started the "free trade" sham that killed North America it is gratifying to have some light shed on the pair.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Former Mulroney chief of staff to tell MPs about cash at 24 Sussex Drive

Bruce Cheadle,

OTTAWA - A fresh allegation that large amounts of cash arrived at 24 Sussex Drive while Brian Mulroney was prime minister is setting the stage for a stormy return of the Commons ethics committee next week.
MPs on the committee are looking into the relationship between the former Tory prime minister and German-Canadian arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber, who paid Mulroney three cash instalments shortly after he left office totalling at least $225,000.

The money - Schreiber says it was $300,000 - apparently related to lobbying work for a light-armoured vehicle maker, possibly for a Canadian manufacturing plant known as the Bear Head project.
But Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Mulroney in the early 1990s, says he'll be bringing documented evidence to Parliament Hill of other cash transactions.
"The MPs will be interested no doubt in my good knowledge of the Bear Head project when I was chief of staff to Mr. Mulroney," Spector wrote in French this week in Le Devoir newspaper, while confirming he's to appear as a witness.

"I equally hope to help the committee understand the motivations and the behaviour of my old boss by discussing other cases," Spector continued.
"Finally, documents in hand, I believe myself quite capable of helping them identify the source of large quantities of money carried to 24 Sussex while Mr. Mulroney was prime minister of Canada."
Spector did not respond to interview requests Friday, but the allegations are not entirely new.

Investigative journalist Stevie Cameron's 1994 book "On The Take" cited a chef at 24 Sussex saying he transferred thousands of dollars in cash between the Prime Minister's Office and Mila Mulroney, the prime minister's wife. Francois Martin also told Cameron he saw Mulroney removing cash from a large safe in the basement of the official residence.

...The question of Mulroney's "culture of cash" - as Thibault put it - will certainly be part of the committee agenda.
Martin, the former chef, will join Spector among about a dozen witnesses the committee plans to call in coming weeks. MPs will hold a private meeting Tuesday to set the agenda, with the next round of witnesses set to start testifying on Thursday.
Given that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said a public inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair will only begin after the committee hearings end, MPs must decide how many leads they want to pursue.
Opposition MPs all agreed Friday that coming from a former chief of staff, Spector's allegations must be heard.
"So it's not very new," noted Bloc Quebecois MP Carole Lavallee in an interview.
"But what's new is that it's coming from a credible person who was in the Mulroney entourage. This is new."
Added Lavallee: "Something tells me that we are going to hear interesting things."
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As Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) would say Mr. Spector... DOooooooooooooooooo Tell.

We await your enlightenment with the eager anticipation of a populace starved for truth, while our elected officials have succeeded (in lockstep with corporate USA) in robbing Canada of her manufacturing base and raping the national treasury. It is time for a little justice for the people, of the people and by the people - Canadian style. Let's hear the truth then act based on the facts and that truth. Until law is something applied equally to all, we have no democracy, just an hypocrisy of greedy people in suits who will do anything to anyone for a buck.

Then, let us move to take our country back from American rule in the form of Stephen Harper. It really is time we had a little "come to jesus" meeting with mr. harper about truth, integrity, lies and accountability. So starting with his muse Mulroney, is likely an excellent place to set the stage.


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