Thursday, January 24, 2008

USA Under Criminal Occupation

I thought we might start the day with an article from Independent Media

Bush Crime Family Defrauding America

New American Rebels 22.05.2002 13:31

Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now?

Allies, Editors & Emissaries:
Anyone who wants to understand what is REALLY going on behind the bogus "War on Terror" and the Bush family's connection to terrorist groups, should study these resources carefully. Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now? Sadly, this is nothing new in the rest of the world, where the CIA has run rampant for the past 40 years. Now that they have taken over the U.S. in a classic CIA coup, the horror is hitting Americans right in their hearts, while Bush & associates are busy looting the national treasury and building more expensive weapons systems. Don't believe us? Read what one of Bush's own CIA commanders has to say below. And at least give a glance at what one of his Generals has to say in "Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Revealed" in the following list: Defrauding America: The Bushes, Fascism & the CIA Also, take special note of the "Bush-Florida-Cuba Connection"... therein lies the murdered corpse of JFK...

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

-- Martin Luther King Jr. White Rose Resistance Pacifica

Oh Mama Mila the Mulroney rip off squad is back again, hang onto your furniture. Hell Harper has already put us on notice that he is buying Quebec and selling Canada. These WAG THE DOG Prime Ministers are the placed peons of the Bush crime family and do they sit up and beg. Hell they even dress exactly alike at every they are going steady. Heaven forbid that they should have a free thought.
This week they distinguished Canada by saying that it was a "mistake" to place Israel and the USA on a torture list. The only mistake is the fact that we have a gutless, leaderless, devoid of integrity prime minister who is goose stepping to hell with these torturing, lying, war profiteering bastards.
Sorry...but while our fathers and mothers were sacrificing everything they had to fight fascism...these bastards are today moving us into a totally fascist system run by the same U. S. corporations who funded Hitler. (Its in their own Library of Congress and U.S. National Archives for anyone who wants the REAL history of this sordid, lying lot.)

Oh ya...this is the most treasonous family in the history of the good ol USA and can the justice system bring them to justice - NOT A CHANCE - the Supreme Court is stacked with Nazi judges...just as they did in Nazi Germany - they have their judges. The press core tip toes around Bush and Cheney as if they were GODS...not mere crooks destroying the country while the fifth estate watches and plays silly bugger to Hillary's hit/ smear squad on Obama.
Ignoring her DIEBOLD win in New Hampshire, where in the places she won...a Diebold machine was used and anywhere hands counts were used...Obama won. Moreover, Hillary, invariably starts ragging on Obama in a style that lowers her presence to that of a spoiled child trying to bully her way monopolizing the conversation. I think John Edwards summed it up best when he said, "I thought I would represent the grown up part of the Democratic party.
Well Hillary has proved ONE thing...she IS divisive and the media are certainly hyping it.
Moreover if she is willing to do this to a fellow Democrat can you imagine the slime we are going to see between a Rupublican and Democrat. Ah well knowing the American media...if Hillary gets in we can look forward to 8 years of Bill's escapades

Ya know under Bill Clinton NAFTA was started and signed, and imprisonment in the USA went through the ceiling with the drug laws passed by congress. There are now more people of color incarcerated in the USA, heck there are more people incarcerated in the USA than anywhere else on earth. (Doesn't sound very "free" to me). Under Bill Clinton the labor of those prisoners was and still is sold (cheap) to corporations. Indeed the guy calling you from AT&T may be in a prison your own searches and it is all there.

Under Bill Clinton and in Canada Paul Martin (and Jean Chretian), agreements were signed for free trade, the North American Union was started and the largest incarceration in history began.
Given that people of color suffer the most from illegal, immoral incarceration in the USA - how is Bill Clinton a friend to black America? Plus the illegal corporate merging of Canada, Mexico and the USA proceeded regardless of party in government. So we are "voting" for a choice of corporate CEO with the agenda set by a shadow government from corporate Canada/USA. In Canada our census has been contracted to Lockheed Martin and our Canada Pension plan has been vested in military industrial stock ...all well beyond the knowledge of the average voter, because like the US TV media...our news programs have beem mute to the treason in office who is clearly a country capo (mob manager) for the Bush crime family.

I know he invited a lot of entertainers and poets to the White House who happen to be black...but come on folks... more than a million blacks are incarcerated in the USA under drug laws that only seem to apply to them. While the CIA is nothing but a criminal agency, running drugs, murdering, assassinating and for all intents and purposes behaving as terrorists worldwide. WHY Is the DEA in Canada harassing Marc Emery for example - get out of our country, you have no jurisdiction here. WHY don't we have answers from our media and government. WHY ?

I think this cartoon is the most accurate news report on the news media that we have seen in some time.

Aiding and abetting fraud and treason is getting really old American TV news....and the public is going to hold you accountable.


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