Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Big "O" No Longer Belongs to Oprah

The news from the USA has been so grim and dark for the past seven years that it is like a breath a fresh air when Barack Obama takes the stage. A man who can use the english language with the poetic nuance of a Kennedy, and yet draw down and come up big to sound a bit like RFK, JFK and MLK all rolled into one. He crosses the boundaries of pettiness, bigotry and partisanship by simply refusing to play by the old rules. In fact his win in SC may very well have catapaulted politics to a higher ground, one based on the solid integrity of a good and decent man, who has seen his country under a criminal regime, wounded, battered and bleeding and has come to heal it. Now if we can only stop the usual gang from assassinating him, or orchestrating a plane crash.

So forgive me for a little unabashed hope, I thought y'all might enjoy this article on how Obama (the Big O) win might change things:

Opening Up a Can of Obama
Barack trounces Hillary.

By John Dickerson
Posted Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, at 8:54 PM ET
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
beat Hillary Clinton so badly in South Carolina it may spawn some new kind of Southern colloquialism. When Clemson spanks an opponent by five touchdowns it will be called an Obama. Fans will taunt the losing team as they walk off the field by making an "O" against their foreheads.

Clinton also went after John Edwards. At the last minute, as Edwards started climbing in the polls, the Clinton campaign unleashed phone calls that essentially said he was a big phony.

Well Hillary did manage to bring the left and right together - for Obama. We all got to see the dark side of Hill and Bill and could actually sympathize with the rabid right wingers who have been after them for so long. Hillary was on a roll until the last debate, when she attacked, interrupted, talked over and generally tried to treat Barack Obama as if he were the (verbally abused) hired help. She twisted his words on Reagan and then when that did not stick she just began to raise her voice keep repeating the same mean mantra. Ultimately neither she or Bill get it that when you slam slam the decision of everyone voting for him or who might vote for him...and that tends to piss people off. Then the classless concession to Obama, with Bill Clinton basically giving a speech that infered he thought Hill to be the best candidate and if someone had not voted for her they were not too swift. Then he really buried the campaign by inferring that "Jessie Jackson had won SC too." if Obama were a black candidate and one shot wonder. That made the comment racist, demeaning and exposed a nasty side of Clinton.

Americans are tired of criminal, lying, mean spirited people and unless candidates and their spouses understand that - then they may be in for some surprises come election day, providing the election can be decided by the votes and not the Diebold machines as they were in Nevada and New Hampshire.

...What we have to watch is the electronic voting. Diebold gave Hillary New Hampshire, let us keep the light on the electornic voting machines. It is not right that Diebold stole New Hampshire for Hillary ...we need to be super alert for Super Tuesday to have democracy and not Diebold decide.

And if you are feeling a tad low and that things are not about to improve, listen to Barack Obama, he offers something we have not had in years, hope.

Now let's protect him and put the right wing on notice that if they touch one hair on his precious head, we are coming after them. We have had enough of our prophets murdered by the evil within who dare call themselves "elite."

Let's give them the BIG O...on their way to GITMO (for TREASON).


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