Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finally, Some Hope for All Humanity

My name is Corie Johnson and I am Stealth Lesbian. My dear partner Kris Abney, owner of the Classic Dykes web site very kindly developed the space as a place were I could vent and voice some warnings regarding the wealth of information I had discovered in the U.S. National Archives and the British War Museum in regard to U.S. corporations funding Nazi Germany in WWII, with particular reference to the Bush family profiting directly from Auschwitz concentration camp. I discovered the information pertaining to the Bush WWII involvement, and a Mother Jones article on the Bush Savings and Loan rip off orchestrated by Neil Bush, and well, shortly after that I was pretty depressed. Clearly this family can operate beneath the law with impunity and has for decades, as have a number of American corporations, whose legacy stretches back over every war where they have distinguished themselves by arming both sides.

Kate Clinton, comedian of renown, once said, "We lesbians are invisible in this culture, so I figure then ...if they can't see us ...let's just do whatever the fuck we want." THUS was born the Stealth Lesbian reporter
who flew about the country reporting on the unvetted

Bush crime syndicate who currently occupy the White House and will likely slink off to their hectacres of land purchased in Paraguay with (there is 9 BILLION missing from Iraq reconstruction, just to name one incident) taxpayers money embezzled over the years from one financial scam after another.

HOWEVER having said all that, last night for the first time since John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy, were gunned down by the dark forces within the USA who have controlled the country for all these years since - I dared to hope. I sat and heard a U. S. President-elect include me, my people, in his speech yes indeed I distinctly heard, "whether you are straight or gay, your time has come, the change you have longed for has come - and you have made it happen."

There are some among us who still doubt and a part of me still does too, but for today, for the present moment, I want to reach out my hand to you, and you, and you - and say, "let's hope together, let's take back our lives, our beliefs, our values and our love for all humanity, because we can."

Thank you President-elect Obama, that skinny little boy with the greatest smile in the world grew up to the be the grandson every woman dreams of having. You have reminded us all that black or white, gay or straight, we each have a responsibility between ourselves and our maker, a higher calling, - we have so longed to move to higher ground, and you have brought just the right mix of energy and light to lead us past the bogs. God speed dear man, your light has been long awaited and we are eager to get going.

So Stealth Lesbian is going into retirement, knowing that should the time come again when the dark forces exceed the light and our people become invisible, that the spirit of Kate Clinton's "Stealth Lesbian" will work to bring the the light back to the land.
(Molly Ivins will come back to haunt y'all!)

I told Kris last night that either way the evening worked out I'd likely be in tears. If McCain /
Pilan won - I would weep in abject sorrow for the entire planet, and if Obama won, well "I'd cry for happy." Actually I've been "crying for happy" off and on for most of today, and everyone I see seems to tear up and do the same. To finally see someone elected to office who has a profound intellect, a calm, balanced demeanor, integrity, character and an aspiration to lead that goes well beyond personal power and greed - well, that is something. Finally some hope, for all humanity.