Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Meanderings

Gee I thought God appointed George?

What a legacy.

WWI, Samuel Bush - traded and armed both sides.

WWII - Prescott Bush traded with and armed Hitler throughout WWII. The U.S. National Archives has released the data of the Bush family involvement in directly benefiting from the slave labor of Auschwitz concentration camp. During this Bush's reign, he and the Vatican RAT Line smuggled out Nazi Gestapo chiefs like Gehlen who then went to work for the USA fighting "communists" (anyone who wants a REAL democracy).

Poppy (George H.W.) Bush ran the CIA (Criminals in Action, more commonly referred to as the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA) and terrorized South America, so much so that their guerrillas and American air power managed to destroy the country of Nicaragua. When instructed by the WORLD COURT to rebuild that country Poppy made sure George Jr. pulled the USA from International Court, after much bull put forth by the GOP owned media that International Court would just be ridiculous ...I mean Americans might actually be forced to obey the law. Since this bunch do not obey the laws of their own country one can hardly imagine them obeying WORLD COURT. All of this information is available in the US National Archives and has been for a few years now.

So why isn't mainstream media covering Hillary's connection to the vast right wing conspiracy? Why is there no coverage of "The Fellowship", "The Family" ....the National Prayer Breakfast (of the secular government?) Why has there been no coverage of the shadowy Douglas Coe, who claims the leaders of America are appointed by GOD and thus need to understand their divine calling ...which apparently can only be recognized through their group.

This Sunday morning the corporate owned media is doing their level best to whip up a great divide in the Democratic party and distract from Scott McClellan's book, wherein he states that the Bush administration LIED to go to war., so he could establish himself as a great war time leader.

i.e. In an OP Ed column Frank Rich had this to say....

June 1, 2008
Op-Ed Columnist
McCain’s McClellan Nightmare

THEY thought they were being so slick. When the McCain campaign abruptly moved last Tuesday’s fund-raiser with President Bush from the Phoenix Convention Center to a private home, it was the next best thing to sending the loathed lame duck into the witness protection program. John McCain and Mr. Bush were caught on camera together for a mere 26 seconds, and at 9 p.m. Eastern time, safely after the networks’ evening newscasts. The two men’s furtive encounter on the Phoenix airport tarmac, as captured by a shaky, inaudible long shot on, could have been culled from a surveillance video.
But for the McCain campaign, any “Mission Accomplished” high-fives had to be put on hold. That same evening broke the news of Scott McClellan’s memoir, and it was soon All Bush All the Time in the mediasphere. Or more to the point: All Iraq All the Time, for the deceitful origins of the war in Iraq are the major focus of the former press secretary’s tell-all.

... In the woe-is-us analyses by leading Republicans about their party’s travails — whether by the House G.O.P. leader John Boehner (in The Wall Street Journal) or the media strategist Alex Castellanos (in National Review) — Iraq is conspicuous by its utter absence. The Republican brand’s crisis is instead blamed exclusively on excessive spending, scandal and earmarks — it’s all the fault of Tom DeLay’s K Street Project, Jack Abramoff and that Alaskan “bridge to nowhere.”


This transcends denial; it’s group psychosis. Nowhere is this syndrome more apparent than in the profuse punditry of Karl Rove, who never cites Iraq as a problem for Mr. McCain (if he refers to it at all) and flatly assured George Stephanopoulos last Sunday that Mr. McCain has no need to make a “clean break” from Mr. Bush.

Mr. Rove is to the McCain campaign what Bill Clinton was to the Hillary Clinton campaign: a ubiquitous albatross dispensing dubious, out-of-date political advice and constantly upstaging the candidate he ostensibly supports. Like Mr. Clinton, Mr. Rove is a camera hog who puts his need to vehemently defend his own administration’s record ahead of all else. So what if he’s under subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee? He doesn’t care if he reminds voters of administration scandals or of Mr. McCain’s association with Iraq any more than Mr. Clinton cared if he reminded voters of his continued ties to suspect financial donors and the prospect of an out-of-control co-presidency.

Damaging as Mr. Clinton’s behavior was to his wife’s campaign, Iraq was worse. Mrs. Clinton could never credibly explain away her vote authorizing the war. Her repeated disingenuous attempts to fudge it ended up contaminating her credibility on other issues.

Mr. McCain’s record on Iraq is far worse than Mrs. Clinton’s. He didn’t just cast a vote but was a drumbeater for the propaganda Mr. McClellan cites, including the neocon fantasies of a newly democratic Middle East. On “Hardball” and “Meet the Press” in March 2003, Mr. McCain invoked that argument, along with the promise that Americans would be “welcomed as liberators,” to assert the war would be “one of the best things that’s happened to America.”
To cover up these poor judgments now — and questionable actions, including his public boosting of Ahmad Chalabi, then a lobbying client of the current McCain campaign guru, Charles Black — Mr. McCain is hoping that the “liberal media” will once again be complicit enablers. We’ll see. He’s also counting on the press to let him blur his record by accentuating his subsequent criticism of the war’s execution — as if the war’s execution (also criticized by countless Democrats), not its conception, was the fatal error.
His other tactic is to try to create a smoke screen by smearing Barack Obama as unpatriotic. Mr. McCain has suggested that the Democratic front-runner is the Hamas candidate and has piled on to Mr. Bush’s effort to slur Mr. Obama as an apostle of “appeasement.” A campaign ad presented Mr. McCain as “the American president Americans have been waiting for” (not to be confused, presumably, with the un-American president Al Qaeda has been waiting for).
Now Mr. McCain is chastising Mr. Obama for not having visited Iraq since 2006 — a questionable strategy, you’d think, given that Mr. McCain’s own propagandistic visit to a “safe” Baghdad market is one of his biggest embarrassments. Then again, in his frantic efforts to explain why he sided with Mr. Bush to oppose an expanded G.I. bill that the Senate passed by 75 to 22, Mr. McCain has attacked Mr. Obama for not enlisting in the military.
Besides making Mr. McCain look ever angrier next to his serene opponent, this eruption raises the question of why he chose double-standard partisanship over principle by not applying this criterion to the blunderers who took us into Iraq. Unlike Mr. Obama, who was 7 years old in 1968, Mr. Bush and company could have served in Vietnam as Mr. McCain did.
The McCain campaign may have no choice but to double down on Iraq — what other issue does the candidate have? — but it can’t count on smear tactics or journalistic and public amnesia to indefinitely enforce the McCain narrative. As the McClellan circus shows, unexpected bombshells will keep intervening — detonating not only on the ground in Iraq but also in Washington, where more Bush alumni with reputations to salvage may yet run for cover about what went down in 2002-3.
As F. Scott Fitzgerald would have it, we will be borne back ceaselessly into the past. Or so we will be as long as Americans continue to die in Iraq and as long as politicians like Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain and Mrs. Clinton refuse to accept responsibility for their roles, major and minor, in abetting this national tragedy.


I think we can each hold ourselves accountable by making a commitment to be awake, to refuse a stupefied innocence brought on by no real news of the world, to be aware of what is happening and to face it all with an open mind and heart. Today we must work to get to the truth because we are surrounded by a media embedded and complicit with a criminal government. A media who thinks it is funny ..never seeing the tragedy in their own paid off punditry.

ALL the things we accused NAZI Germany of doing they did under the complicity of the Bush family and large parts of American industry.
It is a fact, and well documented.
We must face this history and deal with it or have it repeated endlessly....while we plead innocence.

So perhaps before this criminal clan bombs Iran back to the 16th century we could look at who armed Iran in the first place? Wasn't it a mere two years ago that Halliburton finally stopped trading with Iran?