Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where is Smedley Butler When You Need Him?

Who is Smedley Butler you ask: (photograph to right)

General Smedley Butler revealed a corporate coup (he was
asked to lead) to take over the government FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) . The coup was sponsored by Prescott Bush (grandfather of W), who also had companies "seized for trading with the enemy."

From "The Plot to Seize the White House" by Dale Wharton, Hawthorne books)

Why would a cabal of capitalists--conspirators of enormous wealth-- approach such a man? Because they knew veterans revered him; he never ordered anything done he would not do himself. Grunts, noncoms, and combat officers believed Butler was their friend. Forty times, envoys of Wall Street tried to persuade him to lead a coup d'etat.

The instigators wanted a putsch commander who could mobilize 500,000 soldiers overnight. These would make up a paramilitary force, to take form as the American Liberty League. Its pattern was a French veterans' group, the Croix de Feu. (The backers studied then rejected two other models of veterans' organization that fascists had used in taking power: Mussolini's blackshirts and Hitler's brownshirts.)

The reason for the plot was the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), a member of the same ruling circles as the cabal itself. March 5, 1933--the day after his inauguration--FDR embargoed the export of gold and declared a national bank holiday. He told the "Hundred Days Congress" to enact a New Deal into law. In striving against the Depression, FDR awakened hope in the American people, but he appalled bankers and industrialists. Who would pay for this New Deal? The rich feared changes to the US system of finance, a rise in taxes, possibly even (Heaven forbid!) socialism.

Rumours of the plot reached Washington, where the Committee on Un- American Activities (CUAA)--was already exposing fascist intrigues. Its cochairmen were John McCormack (D MA) and Samuel Dickstein (D NY). CUAA got in touch with Smedley Butler: did the general have anything to tell them? After prying out all the plans he could, Butler asked a friend, an experienced newsman, to confirm the whole incredible scheme. The reporter visited twice with an agent of the conspirators (a wounded Marine vet) and set down his findings.

Secret executive hearings of CUAA opened November 20, 1934. Sworn testimony showed that the plotters represented notable families --Rockefeller, Mellon, Pew, Pitcairn, Hutton; and great enterprises-- Morgan, Dupont, Remington, Anaconda, Bethlehem, Goodyear, GMC, Swift, Sun.... Some people named as plotters laughed, all denied everything.

"The reader who wishes to examine the official testimony is referred to the government report, `Investigation of Nazi Propaganda Activities and Investigation of Certain Other Propaganda Activities: Public Hearings Before the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Seventy-third Congress, Second Session, at Washington, DC, December 29, 1934. Hearings No. 73-D.C.-6, Part 1.' Extracts of the censored testimony are revealed in the books A MAN IN HIS TIME, by John L. Spivak [NY: Horizon Press, 1967], and ONE THOUSAND AMERICANS, by George Seldes [NY: Boni & Gaer, 1947]" (p 140).

Here we are then back to the feudal times we are living in, where lightweight thugs in suits walk from torture, obstruction of justice, and the administration elected to CHANGE it all - is defending their indefensible actions in court. Where is Smedley Butler indeed. WHERE are the individuals who throughout history have STOOD in integrity, ethics and true divine spirit
for the justice of all humanity. We are under the rules of
criminal thugs no more, no less.

Heck a search under "Majority of Americans now believe Bush
Cheney behind 911, yields over 2 million links.... but still no
General Smedleys step from the darkness that does the bidding of these carpet baggers.

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,110,000 for Majority of Americans believe Bush CHeney behind 911. (0.42 seconds)

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We are told by media that the
Bush Cheney crime syndicate could never have pulled off 911 and kept it quiet this long. I have two responses to that:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finally, Some Hope for All Humanity

My name is Corie Johnson and I am Stealth Lesbian. My dear partner Kris Abney, owner of the Classic Dykes web site very kindly developed the space as a place were I could vent and voice some warnings regarding the wealth of information I had discovered in the U.S. National Archives and the British War Museum in regard to U.S. corporations funding Nazi Germany in WWII, with particular reference to the Bush family profiting directly from Auschwitz concentration camp. I discovered the information pertaining to the Bush WWII involvement, and a Mother Jones article on the Bush Savings and Loan rip off orchestrated by Neil Bush, and well, shortly after that I was pretty depressed. Clearly this family can operate beneath the law with impunity and has for decades, as have a number of American corporations, whose legacy stretches back over every war where they have distinguished themselves by arming both sides.

Kate Clinton, comedian of renown, once said, "We lesbians are invisible in this culture, so I figure then ...if they can't see us ...let's just do whatever the fuck we want." THUS was born the Stealth Lesbian reporter
who flew about the country reporting on the unvetted

Bush crime syndicate who currently occupy the White House and will likely slink off to their hectacres of land purchased in Paraguay with (there is 9 BILLION missing from Iraq reconstruction, just to name one incident) taxpayers money embezzled over the years from one financial scam after another.

HOWEVER having said all that, last night for the first time since John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy, were gunned down by the dark forces within the USA who have controlled the country for all these years since - I dared to hope. I sat and heard a U. S. President-elect include me, my people, in his speech yes indeed I distinctly heard, "whether you are straight or gay, your time has come, the change you have longed for has come - and you have made it happen."

There are some among us who still doubt and a part of me still does too, but for today, for the present moment, I want to reach out my hand to you, and you, and you - and say, "let's hope together, let's take back our lives, our beliefs, our values and our love for all humanity, because we can."

Thank you President-elect Obama, that skinny little boy with the greatest smile in the world grew up to the be the grandson every woman dreams of having. You have reminded us all that black or white, gay or straight, we each have a responsibility between ourselves and our maker, a higher calling, - we have so longed to move to higher ground, and you have brought just the right mix of energy and light to lead us past the bogs. God speed dear man, your light has been long awaited and we are eager to get going.

So Stealth Lesbian is going into retirement, knowing that should the time come again when the dark forces exceed the light and our people become invisible, that the spirit of Kate Clinton's "Stealth Lesbian" will work to bring the the light back to the land.
(Molly Ivins will come back to haunt y'all!)

I told Kris last night that either way the evening worked out I'd likely be in tears. If McCain /
Pilan won - I would weep in abject sorrow for the entire planet, and if Obama won, well "I'd cry for happy." Actually I've been "crying for happy" off and on for most of today, and everyone I see seems to tear up and do the same. To finally see someone elected to office who has a profound intellect, a calm, balanced demeanor, integrity, character and an aspiration to lead that goes well beyond personal power and greed - well, that is something. Finally some hope, for all humanity.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Who "They" Are

They” seem literally to be able to get away with murder. “They” increase taxes, send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not benefit our country. “They” seem above our reach, out of sight, frustratingly nebulous when it comes to taking action against “them.” No one seems able to clearly identify who “they” are. It is a situation that has pertained for decades. During the course of this book, we shall identify the mysterious “they” and then, after that, it is up to the people to remedy their situation.

Pictured above is Richard Perle — former assistant Secretary of War, chairman War Policy Board, and PNAC member; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; Zionist; allegedly gave $100,000 to head of Pakistan’s ISI, Mahmoud Ahmad; nicknamed “Prince of Darkness

Condi Rice — National Security Adviser on 9-11; promoted to Secretary of State; lied to 9-11 Omission Commission while under oath

Karl RoveBush’s top strategist, known as “Bush’s Brain”; America’s Joseph Goebbels; was behind the campaign to oust Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney who was the first nationally-known politician to question Bush’s role in 9-11; in June 2005, said,

Conservatives saw the savagery of 9-11 in the attacks and prepared for war, liberals saw the savagery of the 9-11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers”

This is the toughest part for the uninitiated to understand. The people who planned and executed the treasonous, heinous crimes of 9-11 are largely drawn from a handful of people known as NeoCons. Many of these are current or former members of PNAC (Project for the New American Century). Many are disciples of Leo Strauss, a German-born, fascistic, political philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago. Strauss thought that the average person was too stupid to decide what is in their best interest and that a ruling elite should govern all of humanity.
Taking a long-term perspective, 9-11 was conceived as a “stepping stone” to eventually enable the creation of a New World Order (NWO), the ultimate goal of the ruling elite — one global, fascistic, police state in perpetual war against an unseen enemy… terrorism.
There were also several short-term objectives of 9-11: to push the USA Patriot Act through a compliant and complicit Congress; to declare war on raq;Afghanistan and Iraq and to create a “siege mentality” in the USA and around the world; to eliminate the Constitution and in doing so eliminate Constitutional Rights and civil liberties; to dramatically increase military and “security” spending; to further divide the country; to rapidly militarize local police; to set the stage for the next “9-11”; and, ultimately, to prepare for martial law.

Know their faces and understand that John McCain's entire platform is a replica of the Neo Cons who have brought us to the precipice.

Know their names that we might stop the spread of fascism in our midst.

When you see their faces on your TV know that these are plants in the media projecting the propaganda of the corrupt gang that got us here.

Shine light on them, they shrivel in the light of truth, justice and real freedom.

Refuse their hopeless, selfish ignorance that preys on fear, and dances on the graves of the brave who have died for their greed, cloaked in a ridiculus religion of hatred and money laundering.

Enough! No longer will these sanctimonious, lying, cheating, narrow minded cretins rule our lives. We will take back our air waves along with our natural resources and restore some character, integrity and honesty to our respective countries, shortly after we incaracerate or ship the Bush barbarians to their new found home at GITMO. Wherein we will accomodate them with nonstop music, John Ashcroft singing, "Let the Eagle Soar", an OLD TESTAMENT bible the only reading material, and the photographs of all their torture victims on their cell walls. PLUS A QUOTE FROM DACHAU Concentration Camp.

"Those Who Do Not Know Their History are Condemned to Repeat It"

That is if there is an American legal system that processes the criminal of the religious right and the Bush crime family?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Who Vetted Bush ? Harper?

AS we watch the American media compare a factual reminder from history about the McCain involvement in DEregulation that caused him to be charged as part of the Keating outright lies and smears from the McCain campaign, it is readily apparent that American media don't know the difference between a fact and smear. They have for so long been sitting reading the feed from Associated Press they no longer know how to do the how, what, where, why, when and by whom that is required of a professional journalist with an iota of personal integrity. So as they bleat on about the grueling vetting that "Obama" must go through...the thought occurred to me - who vetted Bush, Cheney or for that matter our cash and carry conservative, homeboy (for the Bush team) "Steve"Harper.

Can you imagine if Obama had the Nazi appeasing, enemy trading past and present of the Bush crime family. Don't you think that people would like to know that the Bush clan has traded with BOTH sides in every war, and worked extensively with Nazis smuggled out by the work with the American CIA.
Knowing your dark side is as important as knowing your light side..otherwise you clearly have no control over the darkness.

i.e. It's in the GENES... (this occurred to me after both CNN and MSNBC tried to infer that Chicago had a tremendous violence problem because of the violence in the black community..and was violence genetic? I don't know but genocide sure seems to be genetic...with one family in particular just producing one monster after another).

The Bush Crime Family Tree

George Walker, GW's great-grandfather, set up the takeover of the Hamburg-America Line, a cover for I.G. Farben's Nazi espionage unit in the United States. In Germany, I.G. Farben was most famous for putting the gas in gas chambers; it was the producer of Zyklon B and other gasses used on victims of the Holocaust. The Bush family was not unaware of the nature of their investment partners. They hired Allen Dulles, the future head of the CIA, to hide the funds they were making from Nazi investments and the funds they were sending to Nazi Germany, rather than divest. It was only in 1942, when the government seized Union Banking Company assets under the Trading With The Enemy Act, that George Walker and Prescott Bush stopped pumping money into Hitler's regime. (1)

Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather. According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US government archives, President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush made considerable profits off Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush himself is an heir to these profits from the holocaust which were placed in a blind trust in 1980 by his father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush. (2) On the 20th of October, the government commenced action against the company under the trading with the enemy act. (3) After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen failed to divest himself of more than a dozen "enemy national" relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal. (4) In 1952, Prescott Bush was elected to the U.S. Senate, with no press accounts about his well-concealed Nazi past.(5)

George Herbert Walker Bush, the presidents father. Bush, as director of the CIA, had funneled enormous amounts of cash to drug runners including Manuel Noriega and helped in the destabilization (terrorizing) of Argentina. Bush utilized his own connections to help fund drug runners from Laos to Panama. Most shocking was the so-called "cocaine coup" in Bolivia in June 1980, masterminded by fugitive Nazi Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher Of Lyons." Barbie, who had been previously secreted in Latin America by the CIA, began working closely with the Argentines and used drug money to finance a neo-Nazi cabal, one that succeeded in overthrowing the government. The troops swept through the capital wearing Nazi armbands, according to former DEA agent Mike Levine. George H.W. Bush later facilitated the Iran-contra affair, employing many of the same methods: secretly selling Central American cocaine in America and weapons to Iran while using the profits to fund the contras and to overthrow democratically elected socialists in Central America.(6) as the head of the CIA and later as Vice President, toppled democratically elected regimes in South and Central America and began propping up a dictator by the name of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Although forbidden by congress to do so, he continued to sell chemical and biological weapons to Saddam even after he used them on villages of innocent civilians. A decade later The United States had to go to war against him and the Bush family again, made millions from it.
Jonathan J. Bush, the Presidents uncle. Jonathan Bush's "Pioneer Profile" in "George W. Bush's $100,000 Club" cites him as the "head" of the Riggs Investment Management Co.; "Bush’s uncle Jonathan ... founded its subsidiary, J. Bush & Co., of which he is chair. He also is an ex-chair of the New York Republican State Finance Committee. Bush credits the investors sent his way by this banker uncle as a key to his 'success' in the Texas oil industry in the early ‘80s." (17)
Jonathan J. Bush, is a top executive at Riggs Bank, which this week agreed to pay a record $25 million in civil fines for violations of law intended to thwart money laundering. Jonathan Bush, who is a major fundraiser for his nephew, was appointed in 2000 to run Riggs Investment Management Co. His association with Riggs began when he headed J. Bush & Co., a New Haven, Conn., company he created in 1970 and built to offer advice on money management. (18) (you can also run a search of your own and type in "U.S. National Archives record - Bush trading with enemy")

Stephen Harper, ..following the Bush economic plan (just wait until AFTER the election and then find out there is NO SURPLUS). Interesting how the name Thyssen from Nazi Germany keeps showing up in direct affiliation to Canadian conservatives today. Gosh Peter McKay, our Defense Minister, ever keen to boost military industrial contracts was sent to Germany as a young man to "train" at their German facility. Fascinating links that are in parallel to the fascist families of America who declared war on their own country some time ago.
While former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney received $350,000 in cash, in a bag, in a hotel room from Thyssen's agent, Schreiber.
The AIR BUS deal just happened to be on the table at the same time. WHEN IS THE PUBLIC INQUIRY and WHY WAS IT DELAYED UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION.

The RCMP raided the office of the Conservative party in regard to the cash and carry scam
they ran in the last election and why is that not front and center in our lame news? Passionate Eye, Fifth Estate, and our comedy shows always deliver
the satire required in this newsless society, if Harper cancels them - kiss the last vestiages of "news" goodbye.

Perhaps the most cumulative effect of American (Bush, Cheney, Abramoff, Wall Street) lying and the perpetual piety of the prevarication is the complete loss of faith in America as a country. The religion they profess to worship appears a cruel, crusade for oil mongers and war profiteers, draping themselves in Jesus to hide the lack of conscience and visible psychopathy that allows them to repeat this history again and again and again. (i.e. witness Tom Delay's slave colonies in the Marianas that go unmentioned as MSNBC staff grovel over his very presence. Women suffer forced abortions, and virtual slavery, while the clothing they produce says "made in the USA"..brought to you by the right wing "Christians" of the RNC party )

Congress, Bush and the money changers can throw money at the market until hell freezes over but as long as you have crooks running the country - there is no confidence, and there most certainly is no confidence in the American legal system, the seat of placed power that appointed them in the first place.

In order to restore confidence in America - vet (then arrest) Bush and Cheney,
then start with the RNC congress that gave them dictatorial powers and examine who all stood down for 911. It is not much but it would tell the world there is at least an intention to restore real democracy, real accountablity and a viable legal system. ANY appointments made by Bush to the bench should be revoked, he is a criminal bent on the destruction of the United States of America.

Finally, we need not look further than Australia and the word for word plagarized speech of John Howard to see the Neo Con connections to Bush and the goosestepping obedience offered up by Prime Ministers who are nothing but country managers for the Bush crime family.

Stephen Harper has ruled Canada as if he had a sweeping majority (38% at his high point) and a mandate to be king, when in fact he is only in office because of some illegal financial manipulations made by his party and the fact that the LEFT vote is split three ways. So we wind up being ruled by a military industrial hack who would sell Canada for a song if he could win some brownie points with the Bush boys. (Run a search under Danny Williams and Stephen Harper to see what I mean) This is a global crime ring and needs to be treated that way.
Harper has signed agreements to merge Canada with the USA and Mexico, outside the guidelines or bounds of our elected representatives in parliament. He has passed off 450 MILLION dollars of the softwood lumber deal to a slush fund for Bush that can be used any way Bush sees fit.
While those funds could have been given to our workers in softwood lumber for retraining in green trades it has instead gone to the greed trade to the south, which Steve wants so badly to emulate.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Remembering Those Who Got Us Here

... the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”
Project for the New American CenturyRebuilding America’s Defenses, p. 51
Download this must read document released just one short year before the tragic events of September 11th.

Let's bring the troops home to arrest and prosecute Terror INC. and the boundless, devoid of conscience war machine called greed that drives them. Anyone remember the infamous,
"a vote for Bush is a vote for God?"

The Council for National Policy, which is loaded with "the Family" (right wing religious mafia) PLACED Palin on the Republican Guard ticket.
She is a woman..that much is true. Other than that she is a misogynist whose platform is further right than Jesse Helmes. (double click image to enlarge)

Apparently its okay for George Bush to take this nation to war on a lie, to be responsible, criminally responsible for well over 100,000 deaths, but it’s not okay to prosecute him. Not only isn’t it okay to prosecute him, it isn’t even okay to talk about prosecuting him. This is unbelievable what’s going on in this country. How can we have a country where they permit a president to do what he did and they do absolutely nothing to him except to try to protect him?” Vincent Bugliosi

Foreign and international prosecution

The participants analyzed the status of and possibilities for foreign prosecution of U.S. high-level civilians and/or generals in foreign domestic courts under universal jurisdiction. The recent failed efforts in Germany and France with regard to Rumsfeld were noted. It was pointed out, however, that we should take advantage of the fact that more and more countries are enacting universal jurisdiction legislation. Efforts in England against similar persons in the English political establishment were noted. One of the more interesting tactics described started with over 200 citizens going to their local police stations in England and reporting a crime had been committed - referring to the Iraq War or torture. The police have a duty to investigate and this is a manner in which the ordinary citizen in England could get the wheels of justice rolling.
As to international prosecution, the participants discussed the possibility of referrals to the International Criminal Court of United States high-level civilians and/or generals based on crimes committed in countries which adhere to the ICC. It was noted that prosecutors in a number of foreign countries have based their politically motivated dismissals of complaints against high US officials on the mistaken notion that the accused would be prosecuted in the US (the principle of complementarity) as well as on incorrect theories of immunity. The view discussed at the conference was that domestic U.S. efforts and foreign and/or international efforts for criminal prosecution should go forward at the same time so as each can help the other advance as fast as practicable.

The world has watched the U.S. slide further and further under a corrupt, criminal corporate rule that directs contracts to companies involved in the sex slave trade, tortures, and guts the only thing they had worn to defend _ the constitution and all with utter if they walked on water.

Bush looks directly into the camera and states, "we do not torture." It makes no matter that the WORLD has seen precisely what the Americans do to other human beings whose countries they invade for the direct enrichment of Halliburton, Bechtel, and the other profiteers.

What is really the height of blasphemy is the implication that they are doing any of this "in the name of Jesus"...although they certainly do seem to walk on water where the law is concerned.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republicans Run Distraction from Laundry List of Their Misdeeds

... 16 of 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Bush was going to "hunt em down" and now eight years later we hear McCain, monotoning about how he will chase Osama Bin Laden to the depths of hell. ( Try the Bush ranch, or the Saudi Royal family enclave.... Bin Laden was a CIA operative and the Saudi family OWNS the Bushs and thus America.)
Where is Osama Bin Laden?

And what could be more sexist AND cynical than the last minute appointment of Sarah Palin, to distract from the criminals behind the war, the HUGE deficit, and the ongoing bilking of the banking industry. (i.e. See BCCI, Neil Bush and the SNL Scandal...its all there) This slime have been bilking America for so long( and getting away with it) that they think they are Gods. Bush actually thinks that if he says something that makes it truth. (We're talking major bats in the belfry coupled with a boundless narcissist that is psychopathic in nature). HERE are the criminals behind the "war" (illegal invasion, occupation and ongoing GENOCIDE such that over a million civilians, largely children ,are dead or maimed for life)
Here are the unfeeling, non-negotiating, psychopaths of the NEO CON right who also control our news media with plants like Bill Bennett, and Bill Kristol or the American Enterprise (Nazi) Institute.
Seig Heil they support every war and trade with BOTH sides in every war...demanding they be treated as decent and honorable people when they are swine. WHEN is the AMERICAN MEDIA going to report the sixty years of enemy trading, Nazi appeasing corporate swine who have led us to this day? Never, they are paid by the evil within.

Anyone with a brain, a computer and some curiosity can find the entire past, present and likely fascist future of the USA. Wolfowitz and Kissinger should both be tried for war crimes.
Until America holds accountable those who are commiting genocide instead of letting them walk with a "boys will be boys" attitude. ...there will be
fascism. Until America holds accountable the entire Bush crime family, they will remain unaccountable.

Here are the country managers of the Bush crime family.

Harper even handed over a cool 450 million from the softwood lumber deal for Bush to do with as he wanted.
Harper, like his mentor Mulroney is a country manager that reports to a U.S. crime family, whose palatial estates by the seashore are built with the blood of Auschwitz victims and now Abu Gharib...all over them.
Next time Bush starts spewing about someone else...see how much of what he says applies to him and the USA


Why has the Bush crime family purchased over 188,000 hectacres of land in Paraguay and why are American militia all over that land?
Is Bush planning to escape to Paraguay with the other war criminals?

McCain is surrounded by lobbyists and a heartbeat and gunshot away from the presidency stands a religious right hack who is misogynistic (toward her own sex) and an insult to the intelligence of all women. Why isn't the media telling the world who appointed her - it most certainly was NOT John McCain. So who is calling the shots behind him?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Quips, Queries and Questions to the Bush Barbarians

Texas has oil, and is the home base of the terrorists turning America into a fascist state - why not bomb them and nationalize the oil?

Ah George and Abramoff the mobster sentenced to six years in jail. Everyone BUT American media seems to know that K Street had to go through Abramoff to Bush. Like the ENRON fraud this connection has been swept under the rug. Why isn't American media tying the links of corruption together and doing their job?

What is this the training center at the School of Americas where the USA trains death squads
to stir up civil war in every country they invade.
Then while the local inhabitants are killing each other - they steal the oil, or the diamonds, gold or whatever booty is available.

Why don't Americans know about the School of Americas and that fact that most FREE people consider it a training school for terrorists.

Who vetted George H.W. Bush for the presidency? This disgusting "family" has sixty years of trading with the enemy, lying to the people and continually provoking war for profit. The facts are in the U.S. National Archives.

What is the difference between Saddam and a Bush? Both torture, both lie, both steal, both
manipulate the media and have a secret police that operates beneath the law - ANY law.

What CEO will the fascist corporate machine pick next to fulfill their deregulation of America and the complete overthrow of American democracy?

Only Diebold or the fascist Opus Dei Supreme Court know for sure eh!

There clearly is no legal system of any integrity left in the USA, or these monsters would be in jail.