Monday, May 26, 2008

Brainwashed Bush Broadcasting - Sixty Years of Lies

From Samuel Bush and the Merchants of Death in WWI, to Prescott Bush funding Hitler and profiting from Auschwitz, to Poppy terrorizing the Philippines, South America and Iraq to today's mafia don, Dubya - we have the absolute criminals of America - the Bush crime family. (Please run your own search nearly 13 million links are available for your perusal). Clearly above the law they murder with impunity, and simply direct an owned corporate media to say otherwise.

These are psychopaths. They operate above the law and commit the most heinous crimes against their own countrymen. They have funded both sides of every conflict and twisted, bribed and murdered to cover it up.

Americas' brainwashed beyond belief Bush league TV channels support them. Men and women devoid of conscience, integrity or seemingly curiosity sit and watch these cowards of commerce, destroy the last vestiges of American democracy. Such stalwarts of freedom the news media is eh? Your pedophile patriarchy brought to you by Diebold and the Supreme Court of Opus Dei fundamentalists covered up by a criminally complicit corporate news media.

While this THUG, tells anyone elected by the people to
"fuck off," and directs contracts funded by the public to Halliburton to the tune of billions. No conflict of interest here, you have to have a conscience, integrity and character to address those issues something of which mr. cheney is devoid and there is no legal system to hold him accountable....only the right wing plants on the Supreme Court.

This is how successful the media cover up of this criminal administration has been. WE SEE YOU and the crooks you are covering for...
and you will be brought to justice.

While Hillary Clinton proves she is Bush in drag, gawd I wonder what crass treasure will spew from her mouth this week.

Perhaps she will drive by the Obama campaign with a noose hanging from her pick up truck, so she can identify with her voters. Then of course she will accuse the Obama campaign of race baiting. Isn't that the narcissistic disorder m.o. of America, accuse everyone else of doing what you started and continue doing.
Watch Clinton. Watch Bush. They accuse Iran "interfering" in Iraq. Excuse me but if Iran is interfering WHAT THE HELL IS THE USA doing?

Geraldine Ferraro makes a racist comment and instead of owning up to her own internalized racism and making a horrible error, she attacks the Obama campaign for noticing.

Lou Dobbs attacks illegal immigrants instead of the companies hiring them and putting the heat where it belongs. Billions spent on law enforcement and fence borders do NOT address the problem. Quit hiring ILLEGAL immigrants and the problem goes away.

The USA does a worldwide report on human rights abuses and does not include the USA in it!
In fact watch both the BBC and any American TV channel and they rarely take responsibility for their own terrorism, and abuses around the world. THAT is why the USA does not want to belong to an International Court, Bush and this entire administration would be in jail!

Indeed the world would discover that the military in Burma is supported by Chevron and the French oil company Total. They hired the military to suppress the people and cut a swath through the jungle for their pipeline kicking locals off their land.

Look under the surface anywhere in the world and you will find CIA terrorism, attacks against other countries for their national resources and a general raping and pillaging of the world by American, French, Canadian and Australian resources with the USA leading the charge.

We will never have world peace until we take over the news media in the USA and have the reporting consistent with a democracy. The USA has no habeas corpus, and the elections are
highly suspect with Supreme Court interference and Diebold deciding the results.

The media chose NOT to carry the truth about the New Hampshire primary apparently "won" by Hillary Clinton, where the results showed Obama winning in hand counted districts and Clinton in Diebold districts where clearly they decide. While the blogosphere was rife with stories of Clinton/Diebold voter fraud the mainstream media just tip toed around it like the general election of 2001, bought, paid-off and brainwashed blind.

America is in such a sorry state of denial these days that one wonders if anyone has the capacity for integrity, honor or empathy that is required to save a country.

One thing we do know for certain - the USA is not a free country and it has been under the rule of a gang of criminal thugs and dead enders for some time, but don't worry "the most trusted name in news"...CNN, will keep you filled with distractions from sun up until sun down.
Time Warner, GE, all the owners of the corporate creed media are making a killing and devoid of conscience - who knows when they will be done? Is there ever enough alcohol for an alcoholic, enough death for a psychopath, enough greed for and in the name of God?


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