Monday, May 19, 2008

Reality Shows We Would Most Like To See

How about Larry King having this interview...

From the Christian "Democratic" party of Germany in 1938 to today, the Bush family are Christian fascists.

Directed by the Council for National Policy which is laced with right wing "Christian" fundamentalists and a Supreme Court of fundamentalist Opus Dei, the Bush administration is not a secular govt.

The Pope T-Shirts ...CNN's "In the Money" could have done a special on the money making projects around Pope Benedict's regular pre-election visit. How much money did they tally in Pope memorabilia. How did that compare to former Popes?

All the while we stumble along, no habeas corpus, a criminally complicit congress and news media, and in Canada government after government is given a free pass as they sell our country further down the drain to a global gulag of mulinationals, gradually enslaving the world. This is not free enterprise, it is a global gulag of prisons using the cheapest labor from the around the world and deliberately creating strife within local markets. We used to break up monopolies and
monster companies who used predatory action on the public.
It is time we took back Canada and the USA before we are numbers in a faceless, nameless gulag of self-appointed greedy bastards who call themselves "elite."

We can start by hosting some national polls seeing how many people want to nationalize oil?

How many want to nationalize banks?

When both of these markets have turned on their own countries and behaved like thugs and dead enders, they need to be regulated. Further these are national resources and should never have been privatized for the benefit of the few over the many.

If we are to be free we must live free, regulate business and keep large firms from becoming
these predatory, devoid of conscience entities. It would be something to have national media expose the criminals in the White House. Now, however there is U-Tube and national media can either keep up or get lost.

The media that has kept the promise that TV once offered and sadly never did deliver, is U-Tube, where the news is fresh, real and often accompanied by video or some well researched links, all more than what we get on any given day from the tired, treasonous distraction
American TV has become.


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