Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poll Backfires on Biased CNN Host, Dobbs

Lou Dobbs has lost it. For a brief spell when he was actually listing the corporations who HIRE illegally landed immigrants, I found his show had some merit. He at least seemed to be one of few seeing that all manufacturing jobs had gone overseas or to low cost labor who entered illegally over the Mexican border, but that the CAUSE was the corporations doing the hiring.

His relentless smear campaign against Barack Obama however has turned me right off, which is what I've done with Lou's show. In a recent show Lou spent the better part of the show hammering Obama and trying to make hay out of
nothing, describing Obama's truthful comment that people are "bitter and angry" as "elite."

I was so excited that someone in the media was actually seeing what was happening to American jobs that I found Dobbs quite intriguing - at first.

Lately I am ashamed I ever did find him
even remotely interesting. His obvious hatred of Barack Obama is pretty hard to take.

His obsession with Rev. Wright when the religious right of the USA has the country in a totalitarian stranglehold with torture the norm, and no habeas corpus, is beyond tolerable.
I will no longer watch this program.

While Lou joins the RNC Neo Cons in promoting Clinton ....
The Internet is starting to notice.

i.e. From "the Daily Kos"

Lou Dobbs Tonight Attacks Obama Sat Apr 12, 2008 at 12:06:31 PM PDT

Kitty Pilgrim on Lou Dobbs Tonight decided to air what amounted to a one hour hit piece on Barack Obama over the "bitter voters" comments. I put together a video mash up of some of the commentary that was made over the course of that one hour show so people can watch some of it for themselves. If you don't care for what happened during the April 11th airing, you can contact the show here: Lou Dobbs Tonight.
Apparently the producers and staff of the Lou Dobbs Tonight decided that this was so important that there was not another story that was worth covering for the ENTIRE one hour broadcast.
Updated: Hillary Clinton went on CNN's Ballot Bowl today to weigh in on this, and called Obama's remarkd "elitist".

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Indeed while gas prices go through the roof, check out the names of Dobb's sponsors. Then ask yourself what he is distracting from.

Hagee (wooed by John McCain) is a hate filled, religious right minister who has projected hatred against our community for years, and he receives not a mention, while Douglas Coe, Hillary's religious mentor, is a shadowy figure involved in a religion based on "dominionism" that believes all the leaders are chosen by God and they do NOT believe in democracy....and Lou doesn't even mention EITHER on his program. While the prices of gas soar....

Perhaps Mr. Dobbs could take valium from a Big Pharma sponsor and try to find reality sometime soon.

In the meantime, I shan't be worrying about it because I've turned him and CNN off, now getting all my news from the Internet.

Here are some links to some videos from Dobbs latest shows.

www.crooksandliars.com/2008/04/16/cnn-poll-confirms-lou-dobbs-is-an-idiot/ - 289k -

pundita.blogspot.com/2008/04/speaking-of-devil-william-ayers-that-is.html - 26k -

answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080218161147AAwzkzO&show=7 - 58k -


You have my sympathies Mr. Dobbs, it is never easy to come face to face with one's own bigotry and shortcomings. I have had to with mine in terms of even listening to your program, after hearing some of the comments and obviously twisted material emanate from your show recently. i.e. Attempting to hold Barack Obama accountable for being on a board with a former Weatherman (who was a Weatherman when Obama was EIGHT is about as honest and above board as the broadcast on immigrants bringing in leprosy).).

You clearly want the Neo Con choice for Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and it is all too obvious. This poll should alert you to the fact that you are losing your constituency the longer you keep this up. This is not fair and balanced reporting it is subjective nonsense.

You can regain your footing by looking in the mirror and sucking it up, owning up to your own bias. Until then I will not be watching or listening, it is too painful and I've had about enough
"shock and awe" for a lifetime.


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