Sunday, April 20, 2008

Malice in Wonderland

Welcome to Malice in Wonderland, another name I have decided is appropriate for the U.S. media with particular notice going to ABC this week for their Wag the Dog, Swiftboating of Obama and therefore Hillary Clinton, who wound up getting less air time.

Double click on the image to the right to see a photograph of the RNC male prostitute who on numerous occasions stayed overnight at the White House. He was a paid off propagandist who ran a group called Talon News and to whom Karl Rove gave a White House pass and memos revealing the indentity of CIA agent Valerie Plame. The Wag the Dog White House press core has completely ignored the entire story behind Gannon which stretches back to a pedophile ring called Franklingate (associated with Bush Senior and Reagan).

Do you really think these monsters would dispense with habeas corpus, give the president the powers of Mugabe ...then hand the country over to Democrats? Count on them bombing Iran, or faking a false flag black op at home.


Just another Bushite goose stepping off the edge of the earth..

What, you thought it was secular nation...think again. Blackwater reports to the Pope.

Robert Hanssen, Soviet Spy embedded in the FBI, had penetrated the Presidency...and he was OPUS DEI, as are three members of the Supreme Court. Opus Dei is a RADICAL fundamentalist sect notorious for its misogyny
(hatred of women).

While the national press core tries to tell us that "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" McCain is slightly ahead in the polls. Sure darlin, and Diebold is running the poll, right?

Indeed watching the Pope and the Bush crime syndicate continue to operate aided and abetted by a criminally complicit press core is like watching Malice in Wonderland, no misdeed or malice too large to cover up under a cloak of
good intention.

The ABC debate was something that for some reason I forgot to watch, I smile to myself and call it good personal protection. The injustice coupled with watching those devoid of personal integrity is just so old, so tiresome and so yesterday. I think it is time for a change from the paid off corporate politicians, press core and pedopihile patriarchy inflicted on our respective populaces for years. Lets boot them all out and elect only those who listen and ACT on our behalf, those who do not will be held to account by our newly found collective consciousness and
integrity. That goes for you Diebold and any other stealth voting system that turns the act of voting into national purgatory. If you deliver Pennsylvania for Hillary as you did in New Hampshire, we are watching and like ABC we will shed some light on you. Hopefully this time Malice in Wonderland will find the intestinal fortitude and real patriotic heart to report the truth about rigged voting in the primaries. All of American news media should stand and apologize to the American people and indeed the world for allowing the media to become Malice In Wonderland,