Monday, April 14, 2008

American Nazis Set to "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran"

From WWI to today American corporations have used the American military to advance their needs around the world. Today there are more than 120 American bases in other peoples countries around the world. Their M.O. is thus. First we hear a great deal of saber rattling over (fill in the blank, Philippines, Chile, Nicaragua) the "communists", people like Father Romero who helped the poor and were shot at the altar as were all "leftist leaning" priests as part to the CIA/Catholic Church purge under OPUS DEI rule.

Our media is a disgrace having fallen to the level of a Hanoi Hannah
style propagandist machine largely run by American INTEL (an oxymoron if ever there was one). It is used by corporate America to keep people blindly patriotic, flag waving idiots, not asked to ever consider responsibility for their own actions, because God knows corporate America certainly never takes responsibility for any of their behavior.
And, if caught there is always Dubya to decide to pardon his fellow gang members, just as Poppy pardoned Weinberger...Bushs are not under the law eh.

Nancy Pelosi will not prosecute George Bush as a war criminal because she knew that torture was going on and said nothing. It is on record that she was briefed and kept silent. That makes her complicit in war crimes...but then all congress does is obstruct justice by not prosecuting Bush and Cheney for treason.

For SIXTY l-ong years American TV media has tip toed around a family of Nazis, fascists, operating right in our midst, and using taxpayer money to support their International reign of terror.

From WWI with Samuel Bush and the Merchants of Death (American corporations GM, GE, Ford, and Big Pharma..and their forever constant German partner Thyssen, to Prescott Bush who aided and abetted Hitler so much he was refered to as "Hitler's Angel." To Poppy's Nazi drug running CIA with the bulk of senior officers from the Gestapo smuggled out by the Vatican RAT LINE to join American INTEL.
But don't believe me PLEASE run your own searches. The U. S. National Archives hold the details of Bush profit on Auschwitz, and Bush profiteering with the Nazis throughout WWII.

...It just never stops and here we have the plan to bomb Iran before they leave office:

Senate approves Lieberman resolution on Iran

Senate approves Lieberman resolution on Iran

An amendment by Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman to the Senate Defense Appropriations Bill virtually declares war on Iran. The Senate approved the Lieberman amendment by a vote of 76 to 22. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., was among those voting against the amendment. Dodd referred to the 2002 congressional vote authorizing the use of force that led to President Bush's decision to invade Iraq."We shouldn't repeat our mistakes and enable this president again," Dodd said in a statement.
Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., branded the Lieberman-Kyl measure as Vice President Dick Cheney's "fondest pipe dream."

And isn't it amazing the total lack of focus on the RNC members (and DNC like Lieberman) of congress who gave the executive office such sweeping powers. Why aren't people all over their "elected" representatives...or do they know there is just no is all rigged, from the news to the war to the next election....and has been for sixty long years.
Here is comment on the release of files from the U.S. National Archives confirming Nazis did indeed join the CIA.

CIA - Nazi Conspiracy Exposed by ANDRE DAMON

On June 6, the US national archives released some 27,000 pages of secret records documenting the CIA’s Cold War relations with former German Nazi Party members and officials.The files reveal numerous cases of German Nazis, some clearly guilty of war crimes, receiving funds, weapons and employment from the CIA. They also demonstrate that US intelligence agencies deliberately refrained from disclosing information about the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann in order to protect Washington’s allies in the post-war West German government headed by Christian Democratic leader Konrad Adenauer. Eichmann, who had sent millions to their deaths while coordinating the Nazis’ “final solution” campaign to exterminate European Jewry, went into hiding in Buenos Aires after the fall of the Third Reich. Utilizing friendly contacts in the Catholic Church and the Peron government in Argentina, Eichmann was able to reside in the South American country for 10 years under the alias of Ricardo Klement.
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It is rather amazing to see what American media keeps from the people on a daily basis and has for over sixty years. While chasing Obama or Clinton on some minor expression or misdeed and making it sound tragic, to shamelessly repeating the AP wire and the latest Spears distraction, American media is as criminally complicit in the downfall of American democracy as the Republican Party - and their placed pawns in the Democratic party, like Lieberman, who at least now sits as an Independent, chosen by Diebold to represent their constituency, when not following around McCain like a long, dark shadow called Mossad. Why is it that the last few years both McCain and Lieberman look like they are dead men walking. Their eyes are dead, flat, gone and their voices are a drone. Did someone hit them over the head and install computer chips? McCain is so in lockstep with Bush that his nose (through posterior access) would hit Bush's stomach if Bush stopped suddenly and Hillary would pile up right behind him. Didn't she vote to give Bush the sweeping power to hit Iran too?