Monday, April 21, 2008

Criminal Corporate Media Consistent in Obstructing Justice

While our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is supposedly a publicly owned body, one could easily argue that there are more corporate commercials than there are on American TV and the public is even more poorly represented with the exception of some remarkable shows like the Fifth Estate.

While our Canadian troops are used as cannon fodder for another American oil invasion (the Unocal Pipeline was being laid in Afghanistan with three months of the American invasion and occupation and the drug crop is the largest in the history of Afghanistan). Just like Columbia the CIA drug crop is thriving.

The coverage of the cash and carry conservatives and the Mulroney bribery by Thyssen Industries is covered with the minimal amount of data released to the public...and little made of the fact that our defense minister went to train at Thyssen while still a young man. Interesting choice a firm involved with the Bush Clan in selling to the Nazis THROUGHOUT WWII.

While American cable TV, and satellite for that matter, report little about what is really happening or not in congress and who is really holding it up. WHY isn't the heat on the rubber stamping, filibustering Grand Old Pedophile party holding the country hostage for the Bush crime family and war profiteers? Why indeed just look up the ownership of media and they are all making a is only the middle class and poor...those trying to live an honest life who are suffering. The entire country has been sold out by the GOP and their owned media.

While idiot men with talk shows, spew whatever rhetoric they are given to spew and do so devoid of conscience, sense of self or any real integrity or patriotism to the country. Under these cretins "patriotism" has become an aversion to telling the truth but rather to default to blindly wearing a flag pin and bullying everyone else who does not.

American journalism is so far past yellow that it is now BROWN...the nice job Brownie slogan, a natural fit.

Idiots like Chris Mathews, who fawns all over Tom Delay, the sponsor of a SLAVE colony in the Marianas and top money launderer for the GOP, this prancing prevaricator did more to destroy the system of American government than most Bush barbarians.

Perhaps Chris Mathews will have on Gannon, the head male prostitute who worked the White House as a paid news correspondent, hired by Karl Rove. Inquiring minds would like to know why, how, when, who and where the Gannon Goon was doing...while Mathews and the rest of the paid off pack looked the other way???

And GAWD if you want some interesting comments about America look up those made by the right wing zealots behind the latest Christian CRUSADES for corporate America with the blood of the poor and middle class shed for their greed. But do not expect this sad, sorry, obstruction of justice and prosecution of treason press core to help. You will find the information in the U. S. National Archives (but not the revised history taught in schools). Nor will you find the truth in the sad excuse for American media. If this was a remake of "Three Days of the Condor" you would have to have the truth released on the Internet..because the news media is criminally complicit.


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