Monday, May 26, 2008

Musings In America Under Mugabe Bush

Ah here is Herr Bush now, ...he hasn't played mr dress-up in his
military style jacket for some time , nor do we get a word of truth about Iraq on the news, which sounds more like an Orwellian chant for the totalitarian "elite" of the global corporate gulag.

Indeed every corporate owned TV channel has been complicit in the cover-up of the Bush crime family and their exploits to destroy America over the past sixty years.

FOX - Fascist Orthodox Xenophobia from a station owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian fascist largely controlling American TV for the Bush crime family.

While CNN, ABC and CBS are equally as lame acting as FOX lite with all the guile that causes the bile to rise in one's throat at the patronizing, distracting, deliberate obstruction of justice and truth.

It is high time women of America (and the world) stood up to the misogyny of the Bush crime family reflected all around the world. WHY is it that every Republican right wing hack wants to attack womens reproductive rights? Who wants the likes of
of a crime family with control over your body?

Ah the Bush protection racket, disaster planning made at home, the last manufacturing jobs left in America - creating terror.

Sixty years of experience with never any fear of being subject to the law - join the Bush gang today and be part of the lawless larceny in office - it is never reported so expect a smooth ride.

I am visualizing Lady Justice whipping off her Ashcroft cloak of political piety and, breasts to the wind, sweeping down (sword in hand) to grab these thugs by the scruff of their respective scraggily necks. and after a few good shakes depositing them all in Gitmo for life. There they will be treated to the same first class service they claim to be providing for the illegally captured, tortured and held prisoners of some seven years. They will receive some TV: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and any show Rosie is on for starters, followed by continual broadcasting of all of Falwell, Hagee and Douglas Coe's fascist fantasies and future plans for American dominion.


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