Friday, May 30, 2008

Hillary's Hubris of Hypocrisy Culminates

Ah the man Hillary says has "passed the commander in chief test" ..
perhaps she could be on the GOP ticket, (she mentions in the same breath that she is not so sure about Obama). For someone who wants to be President, or Vice, she certainly knows how to self detonate, then blame it on someone else (just like the GOP/Bush modus operendi)

i.e. Analysis: Hillary's nightmare week
Published: May 30, 2008 at 12:17 PM

It's been a nightmare week for Sen. Hillary Clinton and her sinking presidential campaign. First, Clinton, D-N.Y., personally and single-handedly torpedoed what had been excellent prospects for becoming Sen. Barack Obama's running mate on a Democratic dream ticket by her bizarre, and even appalling, allusions to the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy 40 years ago. Critics angrily pointed out that her remarks could be taken as incitement for extremists to try to shoot Sen. Obama, D-Ill., the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in Denver this August.

Second, a new Field Poll shows Clinton falling well behind Obama even in California, a state where she handily beat him in the Democratic primary and which had been regarded as a secure base for her. Clinton won California by 9 points on Feb. 5. But the new poll, conducted among 914 Democrats May 16-27, shows Obama with 51 percent to her 38 percent, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday.

Third, two superdelegates from the giant state of Texas -- where, again, Clinton won the primary contest, have come out for Obama. Texas Democratic State Party Chairman Boyd Ritchie and his wife, Betty, a member of the Democratic National Committee, have both declared for Obama.Since the superdelegates were expressly given a key decision-making role in the Democratic presidential nominee selection process, this is especially ominous for Clinton.

Fourth, the two top Democrats in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, both weighed in this week saying that the party had to fall in behind its choice quickly. Reid said that the campaign had to end within the next two weeks. That has to mean unifying behind Obama, who is now more than 200 delegates ahead of Clinton, a gap she cannot hope to close.
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I used to like both Bill and Hillary Clinton and said I would be delighted to see either Hillary or Obama on the ticket. After the disastrous campaign both Clintons have run, I now care for neither and consider them to be if anything part of the vast right wing conspiracy.
From Hillary voting for the war to hinting at the removal of abortion rights, she has cuddled up to the fascist right wing group called "The Family" or "The Fellowship" which do NOT believe in democracy but rather a religious dominion with the leaders chosen by God (and likely Douglas Coe and the likes of Hagee).

Her affiliation with this shadowy group has been hushed up by mainstream media, just as they play down the fact that Puerta Rico doesn't vote in the general election.

Replacing class with crass seems to have been the Clinton strategy for campaigning against Obama. First they issue a racist insult then they accuse the Obama campaign of
race baiting if they respond. Hel-lo...we are ALL really, really tired of this manipulative, lying, cheating style...we've lived through sixty years of Bush occupation. We need someone who represents real change, not cosmetic surgery.

Bill Clinton presided over the negotiation of NAFTA which has destroyed the working class of America. He also presided over the "war on drugs" which is basically a war on the poor, and under his regime more Americans were incarcerated then ever before in history - most of them people of color. There is now 1 in 100 Americans in jail with more human beings incarcerated in America than anywhere in the world. (The soldiers torturing in Iraq came from the American prison system).

Please run your own searches - all this information is available on the web frequently linked to Mother Jones and other well researched magazines that are not embedded corporate mimes.



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Wow - this is my first time on this website, and since I fit the demographic of I assumed a bit of common ground, but whoa, I am taken aback by your hatred of Hillary. Maybe since no one else has replied to your rantblog they are chosing to ignor you and your vitriol. I cried at her concession speech, I will absolutely support Obama, but I am certain the world would be better served if she is chosen as his running mate, and as of today it's not been decided. Just want you to know your opinion is not shared by everyone.

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