Sunday, June 22, 2008

Russert's "Media" Verses The News

This week while an American General stated that Bush should be impeached for his direct involvement in ordering torture, after leading the country into an illegal, immoral war based on lies,
the media treated us to a saturated extravaganza of manufactured media.

From an excellent blog entitled "At Largely," comes a heart felt public sentiment.

Tim Russert vs. the News...
I will likely be pummeled for what I am about to write, but I have to say something. Although my heart goes out to the Russert family and his co-workers, the non-stop 24/7 coverage of Russert's death is obscene. Yes, the man was well liked, celebrated, a fixture for the beltway to gather around. I get it. And yes, he deserves recognition and tributes. But this wall-to-wall coverage of his death is beyond appropriate, bordering on insanity really. There are few people in the world who deserve the kind of coverage Russert's death is getting. I would say Ghandi, MLK, the Pope, etc., surely would have required this kind of coverage because they were admired the world over, celebrated the world over, known to people from every possible background.

Tim Russert is not these people, not even close, nor is he beloved and being mourned on a personal level the world over. He was a beltway fixture and the beltway has abandoned all news reporting to pay non-stop tribute to one of their own. Some would argue, I being among them, that Russert was an enabler of the pre-war propaganda, but we don't see wall-to-wall coverage of the thousands of deaths such beltway fixtures have delivered, do we? No. Clearly the beltway may as well be on Mars in this obscene over-exposure of a death, that although sad and of course an important passing to be covered, is not by any reasonable measure the death of a hero, a soldier, a human rights activist, a war-reporter, or any other countless deaths that occur daily without so much as a blink in their direction from this organism called the beltway. Enough!

Now, for the news that we are not getting because of this madness.

Here is a quick round-up:

Disaster in Iowa:
Iowa under curfew because of flooding disaster
State officials in emergency underground bunker
24,000 homeless due to flooding It looks like Katrina
Bush MIA, again

Taliban Prison Break:Kandahar locked down after 870 prisoners escape (you remember the Taliban don't you?)
NATO declares Taliban jail-break a tactical success

Kosovo Independence:

Constitutional democracy begins?
Russia says not-so-fast

American dead and the "War on Terror":
US military deaths as of Saturday, 4, 098
UK "ghost" forgets intel documents on Al-Qaeda, found on train Al Qaeda branch claims recent attacks on Algeria (Bush is really winning the war of terra)

These are just some stories missing from the TEEVEE while the news is on vacation mourning the news, ironically enough. Feel free to add your own important, but underreported stories.
Tim Russert vs. the News...:

And come on don't tell me that people are not screaming to NATIONALIZE the OIL !!! If I lived in Venezuala I would be paying 12 cents on the gallon. If we have to live under a dictator don't ya think Chavez the kinder of the two?
At least their people have a health plan and their oil doesn't break them at the pumps.

The USA is no longer a democracy, the president was chosen by a rigged vote (Diebold) (Greg Palast and Black Box both detail how the election was stolen) while there is no habeas corpus, the government runs a massive spying operation on its own populace and American jobs have been sold overseas while the army is nothing but mercenaries for big oil paid from the public coffers. The media are embedded monsters who repeat platitudes about the flag, democracy and freedom all the while looking the other way as fascism is fully imposed at home. No investigations into an Opus Dei Supreme Court, and Pope with a criminal family occupying the White House who have never been accurately reported with the exception of a few newspapers who dared to publish the truth about the historical Bush commitment to fascism.

Nor does the US media ever cover the military intervention into weather patterns (HAARP)
(The reader might want to run a search of her own into the military use of weather as a weapon) - the technology has been around for some time.
It might explain the regressive brain dead attitude on climate warming if these monsters are using HAARP on weather patterns.

This is George W. Bush's idea of "land reformation" Mugabe style. He got away with it didn't he? He got away with starting a war, wherein over a million Iraqis have died for GWB's lust for "their freedom."

Watching U.S. or even Canadian TV is like watching a parallel universe where they know nothing about what is really going on in the world and yet they are supposed to be telling us. Hopefully this will be known as the tipping point in time when human beings ditched cable news permanently and went to the internet and each other for the truth.
Time Warner, GE and the rest of the lot who own the news media are right wing hacks making a mint on oil, war and the news (they largely manufacture) concerning the "war."

The U.S. media has more recently taken their respective grief for presumably a kind man, Mr. Russert and turned it into a narcissistic extravaganza that once again covers only one side of the man. Until the media can grow up and start seeing the fullness of an individual's dark and light side, they will never be able to acknowledge the dark underbelly of their own country - so how can they report on it? The simple answer is - they cannot.

Mr. Russert spent the better part of a lifetime wherein he chose to ignore (like the rest of the media) the truth about the Bush crime family. The truth that their residences, their palatial estates, are built on war profiteering and indeed on the profits of Auschwitz concentration camp.
Further that their relationship with the Vatican is long and goes back to WWII when the Vatican Rat line smuggled out the likes of Gehlen (Gestapo officer known for torture) to join the American OSS which later became the CIA. The current Pope is called the Opus Dei Pope with links back to early childhood of belonging to Hitler's Youth Movement.
While Bush's private army, BLACKWATER , call themselves "the Knights of Malta", which if you choose to explore is a militia who report only to the Pope and do not respond to domestic law or foreign. They operate in the thousands as mercenaries (paid for by the public of course)
in Iraq and throughout the U.S.A.

Indeed while the US military is ground to a pulp on repeated missions to Iraq, Bush has acquired vast amounts of acreage in Paraguay (again with public money?) and built up his own private army with taxpayers money.

No, Mr. Russert was far too hard on real patriots and far too soft on those among us who mean us real harm. He was silent when we so needed his voice and example - and for that in this terrible time of tragic crisis when the courage to stand against loud mouthed bullies is so needed, it will be hard to forgive. What will really be unforgiveable however is if those in the media, still alive, not understand and rise to the challenge that we the people deliver to them.

If America truly is a nation of the people, by the people for the people - and you are a person -
then why not get on board. It is never too late to have a conscience, to be at one with your
fellow human being fighting INjustice. It is time we included the American TV media in our calls for the arrest of Bush / Cheney.

We can make a change, the question is will the media even matter when we finally reclaim our country because there is so much distrust of their reporting now. They, like the Bush crime family, will go down in history as the most biased, unreported, unchecked, unbalanced and criminal of all time.


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