Sunday, June 08, 2008

CNN Presents - A Profile in Propaganda - Kissinger

CNN today interviewed world war criminal, Kissinger, to discuss whether or not the USA should be talking to Iran.

Here are the links from a quick search by Google of the data available to anyone with a curiosity about Henry Kissinger's war crimes.

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Henry Kissinger WAR CRIMES
Gives overview and references to several articles and essays advocating the indictment of Henry Kissenger for mass murders in Cambodia.
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Show map of 350 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA - 16k - Cached - Similar pages
Henry Kissinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3 Accusations of war crimes and legal difficulties. 3.1 The Trial of Henry Kissinger; 3.2 Involvement in Operation Condor; 3.3 Asia - 194k - Cached - Similar pages
Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal?
Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal? Thirty years after the death of Charles Horman inspired a bestseller and an Oscar-winning movie, his widow still pursues - 30k - Cached - Similar pages
The Trial of Henry Kissinger
“An eloquent and devastating indictment of Henry Kissinger's involvement in the war in Indochina, genocide in East Timor and many other acts of - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
Welcome to the "Henry Kissinger: Unindicted Terrorist" file!
Henry Kissinger: War Criminal or Old-Fashioned Murderer? Incredibly, Henry Kissinger—the man who rivals Pol Pot for the dubious honor of being the person - 26k - Cached - Similar pages
Henry Kissinger page
Wanted for War Crimes - Henry Kissinger ... Kissinger and The 'Dirty War' (10/87) ... Name That Criminal - Kissinger & Pinochet - 11k - Cached - Similar pages
The Case Against Henry Kissinger Part One by Christopher Hitchens
The Case Against Henry Kissinger. Part One. The making of a war criminal. by Christopher Hitchens. Harpers magazine, March 2001 - 119k - Cached - Similar pagesMore results from »
Henry Kissinger - war criminal on the run? - World's alleged ...
Two generations of Americans have come to adulthood since Henry Kissinger last held political power, so I need to explain that War Criminal is not an - 219k - Cached - Similar pages
Rogues Gallery - Henry Kissinger - International Justice - Global ...
The Guardian explains how Henry Kissinger, internationally regarded as a war criminal, finds a surprising level of support among US citizens who have - 21k - Cached - Similar pages Books Wanted
If Henry Kissinger isn't guilty of war crimes, no one is. .... case for the prosecution of Henry Kissinger as a war criminal in his provocative new book, - Similar pages
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And just in case CNN or any of the other "trusted names in news" cannot find the search button in a browser, here are a few more gems.

"The illegal we can do right now; the unconstitutional will take a little longer."
Henry Kissinger


KissingerWatch / International Campaign Against ImpunityBilderberg Conferences / Kissinger pageThe Trial of Henry Kissinger Appeal to revoke Henry Kissinger's Nobel Peace PrizeWanted for War Crimes - Henry Kissinger


Fascism, state terror and power abuse
Will Henry Kissinger be Brought to Trial?
World's number one state terrorist at large? Is he above the law? A defining case for the West's credibility

Kissinger News
Social Network Diagram of Kissinger's Powerful Friends
You can get a copy of the 80 minute BBC4 documentary: The Trials of Henry Kissinger
See the book by Christopher Hitchens - 'The Trial of Henry Kissinger' £15/$22 published by Verso. Hitchens' chilling account of this global 'luminary''s involvement in Indochina, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus, East Timor and Washington DC terrorist attacks presents what seems like a watertight case for Kissingers's prosecution.

You can take a poll as to whether or not Henry Kissinger should be tried for war crimes at:

As for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. don't ya'll really think you should at least try to keep up with U Tube, the web and the mountain of facts available about the criminals in office.

It must be incredibly embarassing to continually present these thugs and dead enders as credible, honest brokers when they in fact are the thugs and dead enders who have created the entire mess in the world today. AND, they do not mean us well...
take a look at the companies where Henry Kissinger has been a board member, Nortel devastated, Hollinger gutted... such stalwart business leaders.

Throughout the Clinton campaign the news media also managed to keep silent the incredible footage of Bill Clinton agressively pushing NAFTA, and Hillary supporting him. Millions in North America have lost their jobs through a contract that obviously would ruin North American labor, and the very companies who committed this act have also been paid by the tax payers to move their companies offshore where they pay no taxes.

The current president and vice president operate completely above the law and outside the bounds of even the elected representatives of the people. They are made to appear as decent law abiding citizens by a faux news media made rich by those in office, and constant war profiteering.

Indeed, CNN this week has presented the epitomy of the American war criminal, Henry Kissinger, as an authority on whether or not the USA should talk to or negotiate with Iran.
(How about the arms Henry Kissinger sold to them during Iran/Contra - no mention of that?)


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