Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Lawless Larceny of the Bush Crime Syndicate

As if treason was not a reason enough anyway...

"The tyrant, who in order to hold his power, suppresses every superiority, does away with good men, forbids education and light, controls every movement of the citizens and, keeping them under a perpetual servitude, wants them to grow accustomed to baseness and cowardice, has his spies everywhere to listen to what is said in the meetings, and spreads dissension and calumny among the citizens and impoverishes them, is obliged to make war in order to keep his subjects occupied and impose on them permanent need of a chief." - Aristotle

Iraq Vets Demand Bush/Cheney Surrender as Criminals

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Iraq War Veterans of our U.S. Military have STOOD UP for the Constitution and DEMANDED that Bush and Cheney SURRENDER themselves to the PEOPLE as the War Criminals they ARE!
They seized the National Archives Building and read the people’s charges.
The democrats REFUSE to impeach- WHY? Who are THEY representing???This foreign and domestic policy must END NOW before the country is destroyed.If our so-called representatives won’t help us, we HAVE TO DO THIS OURSELVES.
Our military is courageous and true to their country- they deserve and need all our support!
God Bless these Iraq War Veterans!

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2007

On September 25th, George Bush will be addressing the opening of the Assembly of the U.N.We are outraged.
In the early morning, as New Yorkers are on their way to work,funeral processions will begin from different points in the citybringing coffins toward the U.N. simultaneously.
We will be carrying symbolic evidence of the unrelenting deathand suffering caused by the illegal occupationsof Iraq and Afghanistan and the illegal detentions at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib. And the secret U.S. prisons throughout the world.
We will arrive at the U.N., met by other activists, to say,in the name of the citizens of the world
We need you to join with usto take a standto carry some of the sorrow and outrage of our timeBe part of a processionMake the demand
To join us and for more information, write to

“We must resurrect the dream that created the U.N. out of the nightmare of WWII. We must show courage, wisdom, and love by acting now to confront a bullying, rogue Superpower which refuses to allow the U.N. to act in accord with its own charter as world events bring us closer to the threat of expanded warfare and nuclear annihilation.The alarm has sounded. It blares agonizingly in our ears, beckoning conscientious action.”
– Kathy Kelly, Other Lands Have Dreams.

Bush and Cheney Block 9-11 Investigation By Mike Hersh
Oct 24, 2002
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Democrats keep pressing for a full hearing into the massive failures which left us open to terrorist attacks. What caused the breakdown in intelligence and national security? What happened to the Clinton Administration plans to combat Al Qaeda? Have Bush and Cheney cured the flaws in the system? If not, why not? Why are Bush and Cheney still blocking a public 9-11 investigation?

The Washington Post, NY Times, and Others Ask: What Are They Hiding?

Tide Turns To Positive as E-mails Flood Town Offices in Support of Resolution to Indict Bush, Cheney by Bob Audette
BRATTLEBORO, VT — More than 7,000 e-mails later, the verdict is in.
The majority of people who felt the need to communicate to the town their thoughts on the indictment resolution forwarded to voters for their approval support the resolution.
At a Selectboard meeting on Jan. 25, the board voted 3-2 to forward the resolution calling for the arrests of both President George Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney if they ever find themselves in Brattleboro.

"Live free or die" is a motto that Vermont understands and they also walk their talk.

The arrest of the Bush Cheney gang is imperative to restore law and democracy in the USA.


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