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Beyond Contempt

Published on Thursday, July 12, 2007 by

The Nation

Bush’s Royal Edict: Don’t Cooperate With Congress
by John Nichols

President Bush has treated Congress with contempt for more than six years. But the most regal executive to reign over the United States since King George III was deposed has never displayed that contempt so aggressively as he did Wednesday.
On the eve of former White House counsel Harriet Miers’ scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, she was ordered by the president to defy the subpoena she had been issued by the committee.
The president’s lawyers claimed that Miers has “absolute immunity from compelled congressional testimony” in regard to the investigation of the administration’s politicization of federal investigations and prosecutions.
According to current White House counsel Fred Fielding, Miers does not need to cooperate with congressional inquiries into “matters occurring while she was a senior adviser to the president.”

The committee chair said he was, “extremely disappointed in the White House’s direction to Ms. Miers that she not even show up to assert the privilege before the committee.”
That disappointment is understandable.
But disappointment is not enough.
The administration’s casual disregard for subpoenas issued by Congress demands a response.
Conyers has spoken of seeking Contempt of Congress citations against current and former administration aides who refuse cooperate with his committee.

It’s time, not merely to defend the authority of the Congress but to reassert respect for the role of the Constitution in defining proper relations between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.
John Nichols’ new book is The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders’ Cure for Royalism. Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson hails it as a “nervy, acerbic, passionately argued history-cum-polemic [that] combines a rich examination of the parliamentary roots and past use of the ‘heroic medicine’ that is impeachment with a call for Democratic leaders to ‘reclaim and reuse the most vital tool handed to us by the founders for the defense of our most basic liberties.’”
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George paying homage to former Hitler youth movement Pope Ratzinger.

The USA is operating a shadow government (as is Canada) which operates completely outside the guidelines of elected representatives in Congress. They flagrantly break the law and sign agreements like the North American Union, which merges the USA with Canada and Mexico, operating outside the bounds of law, and our elected parliaments. Put simply, the leaders of Mexico, Canada and the USA should all be in jail for treason.
Harper gave away a billion dollars in softwood lumber
funds, funds owed to Canadian softwood lumber. Shortly thereafter, a number of American publications openly queried why Canada was not pursuing what was considered to be an RNC slush fund set up by Stephen Harper with softwood lumber money.

Any wonder why the Mulroney bribery inquiry is wandering in the wilderness while the weekly deluge of the latest Conservative screw up beseiges us? This past week our Minister of Foreign Affairs was forced to resign after leaving top secret papers pertaining to a NATO briefing with his former Hell's Angel, biker chick girlfriend who just happened to be planning to open a "security agency." Somehow I feel certain she will land on her feet and likely bring Blackwater to Canada to aid and abet our demise.

THIS is our time, and as Martin Luther King said, "we must be filled with the urgency of now" is our time to look this corrupt, criminal evil in the eye and say, "enough - you are beyond contempt and you will be brought to justice."


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