Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Polls We Would Like To See on Corporate TV

How many people would like to see Bush/Cheney arrested or?

a. Impeachment would be preferable.

b. How about bringing justice to BOTH Bush and
Cheney - have the military come home and arrest
them both.

c. Naw let them walk, they have for sixty years.
Samuel Bush was part of the Merchants of Death
in WWI where he armed and traded with the enemy.
Prescott Bush armed Hitler, and even directly
profited from the torture and human enslavement
of millions. Poppy terrorized South America
where, along with Opus Dei (right wing fundamentalist
Catholic Sect) they murdered Father Romero
...anyone who helped the poor as he did was
labelled a "communist", tortured and ultimately
murdered. The death squads were trained in Florida at the "School of Americas."

How about a poll asking how many Americans know who John Yoo is?

1. a War criminal and author of Bush's torture memos

2. another Bush angel sent from on high to help America?

3. John Yoo is a Bushie. A man who will do anything for a buck,..

4. All of the above?

Suggested poll.

Do you think that Republicans or Democrats should be dictating womens' reproductive rights?

1. No, there is something righteously wrong
about any of these extremist thugs having
control over womens' bodies.

2. Republicans have a horrible record of
of destroying democracy, they should not
be dictating control over a woman's body.

3. The current administration is at best criminal, absolutely not.

4. All of the above.

Are you aware there is no habeas corpus in the USA?

1. What's a habeas corpus?

2. I am.

3. Yes and I am still wondering how and why a criminal
RNC congress aided and abetted by the DNC handed
criminal control to the Bush syndicate.

4. I never watch politics, I only watch American Idol.

The RNC is quite amazing, first they allow a terrorist attack to happen (9/11) then they act like they are the party who can protect us better than the Democrats. What farce.

We do believe there will be an attack ...either close to the election or shortly after Barack Obama is sworn in.

Where do you think the military should look first for the terrorists attacking America?

1. In Cheney's wall safe?

2. At the Supreme Court under the robes of three
Opus Dei judges?

3. Follow the money trail from Halliburton to Iran
and you will likely find the original source (sin).

4. At Bush's ranch, or enroute to Saudi Arabia in an executive jet?

5. All of the above

Finally, why not have a poll that asks a battery of questions:

Do you belive that Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Powell,Rumseld are war criminals responsible for the deaths of millions worldwide?

Do you believe that Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Powell are accountable to ANY law?


Do you believe the Bush crime syndicate will ever be held accountable?


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