Sunday, June 22, 2008

Republican Election Robbery Exposed by CBS

This was the March on Washington in 1963 (the Bushs often comment on the lawlessness of that time and how they hate that period in American history).

Food for thought: Under Bill Clinton with a majority Republican Congress, NAFTA came into being, and the "war on drugs" was ramped up, translated this meant that the poor people doing drugs went to jail resulting in the incarceration of over a million people of color in less than ten years. Their labor, again under Bill Clinton, is contracted back to corporations and the prisoners are paid third world wages because they essentially are wards of the state contracted out to big business, cheap.

So while the Bushite Corporations (just look at their donor list ENRON was at the top) use the public funded military and mercenaries to advance their psychopathic grabs of other country's natural resources for individual companies - the country at home is under martial law with no habeas corpus and high likelihood that torture will be made legal like every other Maquis de Sade operation these thugs have dreamed up.

So while the Bush criminals remain above the law, and the media run around in flag pins with huge flags wavingin the background. The death toll in Iraq and Afhganistan continues to rise,
the US military is used up, spent and under the control of a madman because there are no checks or balances anywhere to be seen due to a criminally negligence congress handing dictatorial powers to a mad man.

THIS is how American aggression and diplomacy is viewed WORLDWIDE. While CNN was covering the "flip-flp" minusia of the narcissistic navel gazing dare I say endless, presidential election, CBS actually covered some real news on Republicans rigging the California vote.

...THAT is reporting. Now we need some coverage of the paperless voting machines still in operation and the Republican rigged machines in Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire (where Diebold voted for Hillary in the primaries and the people voted for Obama)of course not covered by the Republican owned corporate media.

So this election cycle, regardless of country, let's look at the criminal cretins dividing us while they send our children to die for their greed. Together we can join hands around the world to stand against this tyranny, most especially that imposed on Americans from within then projected around the world.

Think about it - everything these monsters accuse others of doing as "terrorism" they have done and continue to do in spades. The Bush family home was built on the profits of the slavery, torture, medical experimentation camp called Auschwitz, where millions of Jews, homosexuals, and anyone else deemed a "terrorist" were painstakingly reoorded then slowly murdered. This is the type of person who sat and ate Christmas dinner with their families while the smoke wafted outside from a crematorium madly roasting the remains of the timeless, countless victims of this evil family and party.

Indeed it is quite beyond shock and awe as to where the news media has gone in avoiding truth.