Sunday, May 13, 2007

Surge in Iraq? Surge in an ILLEGAL OCCUPATION?

What a week it has been, at least we finally got a resignation date for Britain's offering of malignant narcissism, Tony Blair ( the narcissistic supply (mirror) for George Bush. )

Rumor has it he will go to the Carlyle Group, the military industrial complex who along with Lockheed Martin are running the USA.

The laughable ads from Lockheed Martin saying "we never forget who we are working for"

Lockheed Martin is a military contractor in Iraq involved in torture. Oh and the Canadian Government - contracted the Canadian CENSUS computer system build to Lockheed Martin, who also are planning a spy system that will look right through your roof and the walls of your home. (Likely to see if you are partaking of any drugs not on the CIA Bushite drug running list. The competition goes to jail eh).

Hey this is a "WHO AH" to all FIGHTING 101st KEYBOARDS who eat chickenhawks for lunch!
Keep fighting the good fight - because you have something these guys will never have - SOUL.

From Sam Bush, to Prescott Bush to George H. W. Bush, this family has been involved in trading with both sides in every war. Sam Bush worked with the Merchants of DEATH in WWI, Prescott aided Hitler so extensively there would not have been a WWII without his pairing of Hitler with American industry.
and this generation of war mongering, lying, cheating, stealing tyrants openly starts wars for the military industrial complex. ENOUGH arrest the lot and seize the KenneBUNKport palace as one of many holocaust museums for American Indian and Black America for TWO HUNDRED YEARS of slavery ..while American leaders went prancing around bragging about a democracy where ALL MEN were treated equally. This family is at the core of every plot to destroy America.

THESE are not patiots they are the enemy within sending children to die and torture for their GREED.

- torture

- constant wars

- lie after lie

- obstruction of justice

- illegal, immoral war and occupation outside the Geneva convention, International Criminal Court and American Law.

The criminal presidency and RNC congress slithers on. ..demented, unreported, unchecked and unbalanced.

Let's have a surge in personal integrity, accountability and character. That starts with courage, the courage to examine oneself and ones own motives. Do you partake in war by investing in Halliburton? Then it is time to wash the blood off your hands darlin..we might not see you ..but you know what you are doing, and so does God (your conscience, your soul).

The USA spreads military dictatorships who have the same phoney elections the USA has, with corporate rulers offering the voter a choice of various paid off candidates from either corporate stack (party) pre-approved by lobbyists (bagmen for corporations). While the news media are simply corporations complicit with the corporate mob in office.

The faith based money laundry was a whole new way to bilk the public coffers and sooo little accounting it is perfect for the Bush family, Falwell and the religious rite. So a surge in Iraq, by all means, and likely Falwell and Robertson will be over in Iraq pushing evangelical christianity (an oxymoron in this case) as they are in India, with taxpayers money.

If CNN wants to approach any fact based broadcasting they could start by interviewing some newspapers other than the Rev. Moon owned Washington Times which consistently spews the loony far right line. Between the Heritage Foundation, and all the other placed pundits it is difficult to image what legitimate news looks like anymore.

So CNN, MSNBC and the entire tired lot of corporate owned hacks, keep selling your "month of mayhem:, "this week at war"....but KNOW that the majority of people know this not a war. It is an illegal, immoral invasion and OCCUPATION commited by war criminals who would be on trial in the Hague if there were any justice left in the world.

This is a surge in genocide in an announced "shock and awe" campaign to DESTROY the Iraqi people. Providing funding to war criminals makes congress complicit in war crimes and it is not supporting the troops, it is sentencing them to an unresolvable situation in the hands of criminal incompetency.


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