Saturday, May 12, 2007

Imagery We Would Most Like To See on National TV

On national TV I would like to see the complete criminal breakdown of the money laundry, mafia style hit, and shake down of the public with the media complicit in covering for this crude criminal corporate gang.

CNN = Carlyle's Nazi News station the most trusted name in corporate spin, with FOX providing the Kool Aid Gin. (Tony Blair is planning a job with Carlyle, having fulfilled his stint as a placed country manager for the corporate mob, he now gets his retirement benefits).

Death squads brought to you via Iran Contra and the corporate killing fields of South America, now back in office. This time trained on site rather than in Florida at the School of Americas terror school.

Bushites Army, armed of course with American taxpayers money and staffed by some of the worst criminals in the world. (Usually pardoned previously by Bush 1)

These mental midgets represent the "intellect" behind this barge of bile.

Here we have ol Ralphie Reed using the religious right to help bilk a casino...such a guy. Just one more stab at ripping off the American Indian eh? Such a God, ol Ralphie worships...such a God..and he is the best friend of Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada - who calls the American religious right "a shining light."

Wow Mr. harper I wonder if you will be seen campaigning all over Canada (well Alberta) again with Ralphie Reed, Pretty Boy Floyd of the obviously criminal money laundry called "faith based funding."

When we take back the public airwaves what would you most like to see and hear?


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