Friday, May 11, 2007

End the Bushite Occupation

A disgusting culture of corruption is bubbling under every Bushite. Only the omission of their real deeds from the corporate controlled, highly censored "news" allows most of them to keep office.

While Cheney has been telling the people's representatives to go,

Operation Mockingbird pawns, like Tim Russert, report the most ridiculous statements from ol Dick...but does Tim challenge him? Naw, he does work for NBC which is owned by GE ..which has contributed to both sides of every war since WWI.

(Left) An Abramoff client bilked in the great casino robbery, pulled off by Abramoff and Ralphie Reed, the Pretty Boy Floyd of the religious right (rite)

The USA is under a corporate coup which completely controls the news media and any message the public receives.

The corporate owned Republican party openly threatens the American people (with another attack from whom?) if they do not vote Republican.

While the the other wing of the same bird, the Democrats, will produce someone like Hawk Hillary as their candidate, having already reached a gutless compromise on a "surge" in an immoral, illegal, invasion and occupation.

Surging against whom? The local "insurgents" (patriots who want the USA OUT of their country)?

Under what devoid of empathy or logic condition does this administration live, and why are we insane enough to be ignoring it.

Arrest these criminals - Gitmo awaits their war crminal, genocidal, lying, cheating, stealing,
psychopathic selves. Now! The WORLD cannot wait another moment.


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