Friday, May 11, 2007

American Media Mouthpiece for Organized Crime

The American media has become nothing but a mouthpiece for organized crime. Distracting with stories about Britney Spears, O J Simpson, and Paris Hilton, while the cases against thugs like Abramoff go uncovered...fading quietly into the background.

Gosh if FOX (Fascist Orthodox Xenophobia network) shows Bush at 33% he must actually be at about 13% in the polls. They afterall are the Bushite network, using public airwaves to lie and catapault a puerile, patronizing propaganda to the American people, heck the world.

Gosh aren't they cute - dressed like Bobbsey twins to show solidarity. Well they were both presidents of the same corporate coup foisted on the hey, why not.

While corporate America and a religion that equates to nothing more than a glorified money laundry, bilks America dry, the Republican Guard continues
their support of an illegal, immoral, invasion and occupation of Iraq, operating outside the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Laws, American Domestic Law, and International Criminal Law.

It is TIME to face the truth America.

AMERICAN (Bushites) corporate interests have terrorized the world through the use of the CIA and the American military. Every day you "support the troops" you support an illegal, immoral war, and sentence your youth to commit genocide in a foreign country that did nothing to the USA.

American CORPORATE media is clearly complicit in preventing the truth from reaching the American people. Let them know we will hold them accountable for the treasonous use of public airwaves.


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