Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Awful Truth - the Last to Know

For the past sixty years the behavior of American corporations has been covered- up by corporate owned American /Australian media.
From South America we received news that horrible socialist rebels
had taken over Chile, when in fact Allende, a poet and a socialist was ELECTED by the people. The CIA with
SOA trained terrorists assassinated Allende (on Sept 11....) and placed a military dictator, Pinochet, who pulled out finger nails and murdered union leaders for THIRTY YEARS.

That is the "democracy" brought to South America and hidden from the American public by a corrupt criminally complicit news media.

Because of the behavior of Bushites this is how America is seen around the world.

Gee returning to the scene of American crime, Auschwitz concentration camp, where the U. S. National Archives reveal, US corporations benefited handsomely from the SLAVE LABOR, even enlisting Nazis to join the CIA after the war.

mr. cheney, showing his usual level of respect for the tortured, worked to death and dishonored.

We see the awful truth and wonder how much longer the US media can pretend they do not.

Like Nazi Germany the people will say, "we just didn't know what they were really doing - we had no idea." Well now YOU do.


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