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Is Malignant Narcissism Genetic?

Some great comments from KOS
Sweeping embarrassments under the rug
by kos

Sun Apr 17, 2005 at 03:23:11 PM PDT

Sirota lists some of the wonderful government information Bush has scrubbed in the past four years:
Knight-Ridder reports today that the Bush administration announced yesterday that it has "decided to stop publishing an annual report on international terrorism after the government's top terrorism center concluded that there were more terrorist attacks in 2004 than in any year since 1985, the first year the publication covered."
When unemployment was peaking in Bush's first term, the White House tried to stop publishing the Labor Department's regular report on mass layoffs.
In 2003, when the nation's governors came to Washington to complain about inadequate federal funding for the states, the Bush administration decided to stop publishing the budget report that states use to see what money they are, or aren't, getting.

In 2003, the National Council for Research on Women found that information about discrimination against women has gone missing from government Web sites, including 25 reports from the U.S. Department of Labor's Women's Bureau.
In 2002, Democrats uncovered evidence that the Bush administration was removing health information from government websites. Specifically, the administration deleted data showing that abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer from government websites. That scientific data was seen by the White House as a direct affront to the pro-life movement.

Indeed from Franklingate and the pedophile ring of that era,to Gannongate and the Bushites' war, the US press core is now infamous - as complicit now as they were in covering up for the Bush's when they funded Hitler.

This is the scum that the news media protect, reflect and follow, the narcissistic supply to psychopathic narcissists
devoid of conscience.

Who armed Iraq? Iran?

This sense of criminal, psychopathic entitlement seems to run rampant in the Bush family, with the USA (and the world) enduring over sixty years of control by them either directly or indirectly. It has a NAME - it is malignant narcissism and it often comes with a psychopathic component, characterized by a lack of empathy. This family has traded with the enemy and been instrumental in every war since WWI, it is time to stop this madness.


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