Thursday, May 10, 2007

Global Corporate Governance

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You Receive What They Believe You Deserve -->FLASHBACK: You Receive What They Believe You Deserve
Politicians are no longer politicians. They work for the world’s elite and represent no common man or country. They are highly paid brainwashers, visioning facilitators, deceivers, liars, and thieves. We are forced to pay their salaries. We are forced to fund all global governance initiatives, which literally stole the wealth, property, savings, and security of every commoner on the planet. The wealth that was amassed in the last 3 decades by these criminals truly is beyond comprehension – literally beyond the comprehension of common people. We live in unfathomable states of ignorance. We have been robbed blind, yet we still can’t acknowledge the theft of our money, livelihoods, children, potential, nation, and future.

May 10, 2007
Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress -->Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress
Robert L. Wilkie , a former Bush administration national security official who left the White House to become assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs last year, has outlined a half-dozen guidelines that prohibit most officers below the rank of colonel from appearing in hearings, restricting testimony to high-ranking officers and civilians appointed by President Bush.
What is the Defense Department so afraid of that these draconian provisions have been put in place regarding testimony to congress?
What precisely are they afraid congress might learn? - M. R.
May 02, 2007
Top officials: Bush can still wiretap US citizens without warrant -->Top officials: Bush can still wiretap US citizens without warrant Top officials: Bush can still wiretap US citizens without warrant
In January, the administration agreed to seek court-approved warrants for all wiretaps of US citizens and other living inside the US.
But during a Tuesday hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Michael McConnell, the director of national intelligence, told Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), that he could not promise that Bush would always seek warrants for domestic wiretaps.
Due process for all of America's citizens, rest in peace. - M. R.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Global Corporatism:

The Human Being As A Statistic

In 1962, American journalist Eugene Lyons, author of the 1937 nonfiction classic Assignment in Utopia, gave a lecture about what turned him from a pro-Leninist radical in 1928, when he took a news job in the Soviet Union, into the conservative, fiercely anti-communist Reader's Digest editor he became years later.

"It was ... the appalling contempt for human life which I found to be the hallmark of communism in practice. For I found myself in a world where such age-old concepts as justice, conscience, human dignity, the values that set man apart from the beasts, were despised as a species of treason. ..."Do men and women have an intrinsic worth, or are they merely the raw stuff for building some dehumanized state structure? Is the human being the final measure of all things, or merely a statistic?"
Two generations have passed since Lyons gave that talk, and the Soviet empire has been, as conservatives say, "on the ashheap of history," for going on two decades.

A great irony is how true this sounds for 2006 if one substitutes "global capitalism" for "communism" and "corporate structure" for "state structure." Communism is all but dead; yet, in our new world economy, dehumanization seems very much alive and on the march. The biggest difference is that the perpetrators' flag isn't red.
Lyons died in 1985, so he didn't even see glasnost, let alone the self-destruction of Marxism-Leninism. It would be interesting if he could ask the former employees of Enron how they have enjoyed becoming destitute statistics, or former call-center staffers how much human dignity they were afforded when their jobs were offshored. True, we don't have gulags. There are no party purges, at least none in which anybody dies very soon. People don't vanish in the middle of the night (although their jobs often disappear in the middle of the day). But there are slow, subtle ways of killing people. Michael Moore has vividly illustrated, in his examinations of the effects of General Motors' style of capitalism on his hometown of Flint, Michigan, that when a corporation discards much of its workforce for the sake of profits: "Crime goes up, suicide goes up, drug abuse, alcoholism, spousal abuse, divorce, everything bad spirals up."Stalinism and Maoism kill the body. Global corporatism is destroying our spirits -- and our bodies often follow.
Let's stop the merry-go-round, for the sake of those who follow and those whose lives were wasted before us. There are 300 million Americans, each now holding candles, slowly, marching, surrounding the White House demanding the illegal, immoral, corporate presidency RESIGN.

In the name of Mother Earth and Father Sky
from whence we come
and return to die.

Blessed be, this is our planet, lets take it back.


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