Saturday, May 12, 2007

News From the Axis of Weasels, Bushs 10 People 0

With headlines from FOX (Fascist Orthodox Xenophobia), Bushite propaganda on demand coupled with the dysfunctional meanderings of Rupert Murdoch (the Australian fascist owner) and the likes of Bill O'Reilly, FOX ensures a constant prattle of nonthinking, bigoted, hatred promoting "news." Their only concern with free speech seemingly when some hate group will be disenfranchised from projecting their hatred, and dehumanization on another group.

A corporate owned judicial coup - including its own little goose-stepping, order following Nazis who know nothing and will do anything (for a buck).

This Bushite Axis of Weasels is rife with CONVICTED criminals from Iran Contra, like Poindexter who was building a terror prediction system that you could bet on.
War is sooo much fun for these guys eh. Just one big gamblin romp.

While the unthinking, devoid of courage news media of today would likely turn in Paul Revere and welcome the British with open arms. I guess they have chosen, haven't they.

They have chosen - the Bushs over America.


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