Sunday, May 13, 2007

The House That Jack Built

Jack Abramoff in happier days told everyone on "K Street" (where the bagmen of bribery congregate) that to get to Bush you had to go through him.

Abramoff is now a convicted felon (six years) and of course Bush suddenly has no idea who the guy is.

Just follow the Abramoff money trail to see which corporations control this puppet.

like the fox was not already in the hen house.
Of course he is not accountable for anything. He stood down for 9/11 yet acted like he actually did something.
He diverted funds from levee repair to an illegal, immoral invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq, where daily the Bushites perpetuate further war crimes.

Racing to report:

war crimes
obstruction of justice
drug dealing
illegal occupation (over 600,000
dead from American bombing)

Way to rush to keep the country free corporate news...way to go...oops
they are not moving are they.
Drat, and I thought there might be a human being with real emotions among them. Too late, I guess they are all, Bushites.



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