Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stealth Pictorial on a Sunday Morning

EVERYONE in the world knew Bush was going to attack Iraq from the time he was appointed to office

Qualified UN inspectors were pulled from the country so the USA could begin an aggressive bombing campaign against a civilian populace.

Ah yes, America's finest, torturing, raping, smiling and righteously happy about it too. No problems with personal integrity coming up a good little Nazi..."just following orders."

Ah and here (L-R) we have the Tinky Winkys of America, Orin Hatch (pinched mouth of pap), How anal can you get, Ashcroft, followed by a Nazi who now looks moderate and likewise with Lott. Careful guys Falwell will have you arrested and tortured...perhaps even killed.

Ah Senior Saudi prince in waiting, Prince JEB, having fixed TWO elections with the righteous rite DIEBOLD crowd, he is currently the mafia money laundering king of the SNL (no not Saturday Night Live silly, Savings n' Loans ) success story, where the Bush's, BCCI, and the Saudis ripped off the entire country.

Hey such a deal...Grandpa traded with Nazis...these guys...with anyone.

Because its Sunday we'll only call them "Shady"