Friday, November 18, 2005

"We Don't Torture"

mr. bush, the placed president of corporate treason, lied once again today saying,

"We do not torture."

Gosh we know you are out of touch Dubya, but trying to distance yourself from Guido Gonzales the criminally negligent Texas "clemency" memos then, extracting yourselves from the Geneva convention BEFORE starting an illegal, immoral war in Iraq...well
it smells to high heaven.

Of course there was the bit to opt out of International court Dad will not be charged with war crimes either.

Gee I wonder where America will build the holocaust museums to its lengthy history of slavery (365 years), training terror (School of Americas is how many years old?), funding terror (from Prescott funding Hitler to Junior and the Saudis...what a tangled web we weave).

Let see KenneBUNKport, what a great holocaust museum it would make. Seized for trading with the enemy, treason and being complicit in MILLIONS of deaths from Auschwitz to Al Gharib, always a Bush trading with the enemy, and contributing to torture while lying to the press.


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