Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gott Mit Uns (God With Us) - Hitler's Christians

Ah yes...always a children's primer, (Lynne Cheney's patriotic primer for children propaganda - with children raising the flag, replicating Iwa Jima),
now we bring you Bill Bennet's Hot Casino Tips FOR CHILDREN. (The RNC moral minority windbag who sees fit to project his total lack of morals on the world and then demand the rest of us conform to some rigid dysfunctional bullshit he calls religion. )

The Christian mafia's man and American TV's

"go to" GUY ...for truth in religion.

(The rest of the world calls him the false prophet of the Robin Williams at the Met to see a particularly good scene of God returning to earth to confront Falwell for announcing how SHE thinks).

Time for the President's daily briefing....."Yes, Jeff !"

Remember Condi saying Bush invaded because he "was tired of batting at flies."

Hitler's christians are back again.

Having successfully funded both sides in WWII, they are back again with their Fuhrer Bush.

This time Gott father Falwell does the money laundry, for the CCC (christian corporate criminals, who evolved from the KKK).

To deny the influence of Christianity on Hitler and its role in World War II, means that you must ignore history and forever bar yourself from understanding the source of German anti-Semitism and how the WWII atrocities occurred.

By using historical evidence of Hitler's and his henchmen's own words, this section aims to show how mixing religion with politics can cause conflicts, not only against religion but against government and its people. This site, in no way, condones Nazism, Neo-Nazism, fascist governments, or anti-Semitism, but instead, warns against them.
by Jim Walker

[The German words, "Gott Mit Uns" means God With Us and appeared on many Nazi soldiers belt buckles during WWII. To see the buckle, click here.]


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