Friday, November 18, 2005

Pictorial Pauses Over Treason's Roost

Is this Chile? Viet Nam? South America?

Nope it is the exposure of war criminal USA, and the School of Americas at Fort Benning where they train terrorists.

Bush's Brownie Broadcasting System (FOX, MSNBC, CNN, Clear Channel) ...has omitted who made a bundle shorting airline stock over 9/11?

The CIA(?)...the new terror prediction system designed by convicted criminal (working in the White House) Poindexter?

People of the LIE, everything this man says is a lie, his entire presidency is a lie. He is a placed American corporate entity and like the AMERICAN corporation he is the perfect psychopathic narcissist, no accountability, no empathy and a collosal sense of entitlement. Greed beyond comprehension.

Ah yes George...the patronizing petting crap.

and this is the Nazi's latest "choice"

He is dead set against womens' reproductive rights and authorized the strip search of a ten year old girl. He sounds sooo right for the pedophile patriarchy.


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