Saturday, November 19, 2005

Arrests We Would Most Like to See

First and foremost we would like to see the war for profit bastards of America ARRESTED for treason.

The majority of them have funded BOTH sides of every war, and it is time to build a HOLOCAUST museum to their evil and quit repeating it.

Like the way the pedophile ring is carried on in Washington and the press help bury the story.
From Bush Senior/Reagan to today's Gannongate, tied together by Gosch/Gannon/Guckert

Well he is NOT really wanted for anything except murder and atrocities on a world scale. Planned in advance with Gonzales and proven by the fact that he deliberately opted out of the Geneva convention and Intl Court.

Dr. Strangelove, a Zionist extremist who believes in Leo Strauss, a Jewish extreme right wing zealot who actually took on the teachings of Adolf Hitler.

Karl Rove - his entire political "genius" is a replica of Hitler's propaganda minister, he is one of the most hateful, small, narrow, manipulative men to work in the White House.

He has smeared our community and attacked
every minority in the United States as never before in history.

He along with the complicit US media ownership should be arrested and tried under the laws set by an American judiciary at Nuremberg (for war crimes).

Facing the truth is the only way to heal and it is time these monsters faced our lady justice, with the cloak off...thank you very much...breasts to the wind. This segment will be extended because there are soooooo many that need to be on this list. The stench is overwhelming the world.


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