Thursday, November 17, 2005

GOP Global Monopoly Board Game

Like CLUE the board game, figure out who will be arrested next:

He is a doctor, really, fact he is infamous for saying, "as a doctor I enjoyed ripping the hearts out of people's chests, I look forward to doing the same to Democrats."

Wouldn't it be great they were on OUR side - then again who needs the reputation of a psychopath?

The SATAN card, reserved for the biggest hypocritical asshole of all time, Pat Robertson.

Currently in the USA at least, you have to stand in line...just to name em...they are coming so thick and fast (heavy on the thick as the Brit's would say.)

Like the rest of the mob, he will have a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card, having paid ($) the price of freedom.

Ah yes then the Texas MAFIA and their pious, pimp of political pap and plain old fashioned bull. Hammer, Tom, the sexist, homophobe, suspected of dallying on more than one side of the sexual fence. The hypocrisy of their democracy darlin...

We know DICK, the empty suit, never enough Che, Che, Cheney.

Suck & Drain Symbiotic

What appropriate names for Halliburton and Bechtel: "Suck and Drain"

It works on so many levels, morally, emotionally, mentally, and in terms of destroying hope - it makes a killing.


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