Saturday, November 19, 2005

Images of the People of the LIE

Ah Fuhrer Bush, placed first by the criminal Supremes, then by the religious "rite" owned Diebold machines.

Comes from a long line of Nazis accustomed to funding both sides of every war. His grandfather Prescott Bush had companies seized for trading with the enemy.,12271,1312540,00.htmll - 58k - Nov 18, 2005

Yes this narrow little minion of a man who could not get elected running against a dead man (ANOTHER Democratic senator KILLED in a plane crash....funny how that happens).

Patriot Act I passed in the dead of night with NO ONE reading it...a foot thick IS taken from Hitler's Enabling Act which HE rushed through German Parliament after the staged Reichstag Fire. Similaries between the Bush Administration and Hitler's hubris of hatred are staggering. (search Internet compare Patriot Act to Hitler's Enabling Act)

Ah and always by Gosch, a Gannon, er Guckert, will either way he is hot eh!

The President's Daily BRIEFING.... wow.

and you HAD to bring the TRUTH up again....George already TOLD us that we do not torture...if he SAYS is

Can you believe your EYES...or the moron starring truth in the face and telling you it is not so?

Those who do not KNOW their history are condemned to repeat it.

AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.....

South America, Viet Nam, Iran, Iraq,.... Phillipines....How many times can the world turn it's head and pretend WE just don't see?

It is time to make the USA build some holocaust museums of their own. Clearly 365 years of slavery has been quite forgotten.


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