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Terror No. 1 - USA Export , While Farce Leads Domestic Production

Ah the Bush Crime Syndicate, the CIA within the CIA that everyone has known about since "Three Days of the Condor" and the Daniel Ellsberg expose of the Pentagon Papers that proved the Viet Nam war was a scam by corporations for greed. It could NOT be won. Ellsberg courageously provided that TRUTH to the public.

Sixty years of records (FACTS) detail American torture, assassinations, and interference with other country's national resources and programs to HELP their own people.

i.e. Chavez (Venezuala) is hardly milking his people the way this monster (Bush) is...he is giving land back to the indigenous people. Name ONE thing this terrorist administration has done for America ....ONE.

No the United States of America has NO history of taking democracy to anyone. The countries your corporations occupy (like warlords), you kill people who want to form unions, and drive indigenous people from their own land (Africa, America/Arab oil), usually not before they have been brualized by those trained in US terror schools like the notorious School of Americas.

Look in the mirror fund it, train it and export it. Then declare "war" against it. What utter FARCE.

People do not dislike you because of your lifestyle, you anger them with your chosen innocence of truth. Because as Peter, Paul and Mary said, and we wonder, "how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see."

The answer my friend is blowing in Iraq, in the tortured souls ...longing to be free (of American occupation and bullshit propaganda). If New Orleans and the southern USA is ANY example, they have a long wait. The black American people still have not received 40 acres and a mule for 365 years of familial servitude to a vicious, lying deceitful boss,who legitimized their servitude with laws, just as Bush is trying to do today with women's reproductive rights.

The most criminal administration in the history of the USA is appointing the most judges to court in the history of the USA. Having already deregulated much of the government control on business, so that tax payers subsidize business like a corporate welfare state. Wanta move offshore and not pay any tax at all (to build roads, improve the country)....under Bush Cheney the tax payer pays to relocate your business. Then they pick up the tax burden the corporate cretins left behind. Of course they do not support the military then either, and the wars being fought on their behalf are funded by us and they pay no tax toward them.

Anywhere else we call this TREASON, but not in the USA where God is greed, and the
only thing that counts is profit. No ethics, no morality, no honesty and least of all no accountability. A nation following and lead by a gang of thugs and dead enders the likes of which the world has not seen since Prescott Bush funded Adolf Hitler.

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