Monday, November 12, 2007

A Patriot Pie in the Face of the Family Bush

Bush Family Value$
News: The Bush clan's family business
By Stephen Pizzo
September 1, 1992

(or how we repeat history every ten years)

In 1991, President Bush bristled at a flurry of news accounts that questioned the business ethics of three of his sons. "The media ought to be ashamed of itself for what they're doing," Bush complained. "They [the boys] have a right to make a living, and their relationships are appropriate," added a White House spokeswoman in June 1992.

..President George Bush claims that only a return to traditional family values can cure the "poverty of spirit" that plagues places like our decaying inner cities. But after a closer look, particularly at his adult children, one cannot help but wonder about the values that matter to his own family.
Bush says he is proud of his sons. One of them rented himself out to a crooked developer who scammed HUD and helped pry millions out of Medicare to fuel a giant health-care scam. A second may have profited from an insider stock transaction in a gulf oil deal at the very time that U.S. soldiers were dying to make that region safe for oil. And the third son ran a savings and loan into the ground while shoveling millions of its taxpayer-backed dollars into the pockets of two deadbeat partners. .

When President Bush speaks of the lack of family values he, of course, is referring to broken marriages, single mothers, and inner-city kids who join gangs and sell dope. But are these the only villains -- or the most important ones -- responsible for the shredded social fabric? What about well-to-do white boys who trade on family connections, welsh on loans, run with con men, and leave financial ruin in their wake as they line their own pockets? What about grown men, with access to the most powerful public office in the land, who participate in scandal but show no remorse for any of it -- and who take no responsibility for the consequences of their own actions?

...It's certainly reasonable for candidate Bush to engage the public in a discussion of family values, to use his office as a bully pulpit on modern morals. But what of George Bush's inability or unwillingness to grasp the crisis of values festering within his own family? The pattern of behavior by the president's three sons raises questions -- about them and their father. These issues have yet to get the prime-time exposure of fictional Murphy Brown's fictional fatherless child.

Stephen Pizzo is author of Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans.
Research assistance by Peter Willmert and Chris Rosché.

This article is from

If you run a search and type in Neil Bush, BCCI, Savings and Loans a number of articles are displayed.

Just ONE of a thousand points of light pointing us to the truth about treason.

The Church Lady is back darlin and she is visualizing the return of Jes-us on his corporate birthday (just in time to shut it down) ,complete with an electric broom of justice to sweep the money changers from the temple.

The list of American fascist corporations and families is in the US National Archives and the Library of Congress, including those who profited on the slave labor, and medical experiments of Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany.

So a virtual Patriot Pie in the face of every prevaricating member of this cult, on behalf of those bilked in the Savings and Loan scandal, the Medicare scam, 9/11, Iraq reconstruction, directed contracts to Neil Bush for software, just goes on and on.

The internet has placed the real history of this group before the world. Thus they have no credibility and the world if anything wonders how they can proceed above the law in a nation presumably based on law - that goes way beyond hypocrisy.


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