Friday, November 09, 2007

Things That Start With "E"

ENRON - the oil company, who kicked off the Bush presidency by bilking the American taxpayer of everything they own and the employees 401k's - they tanked.

No matter Bush used the ENRON corporate jet to fly across America spreading the news that BIG OIL was going to be marching on the Middle East, (and interfering in about 130 other colonies).

Shortly after taking office Key Lay, of Enron, the Unocal boys, Halliburton, and the rest of the tresaon from Texas, sat down with an map of Iraq, Iran and Syria and started to divide up the oil and natural resources in each country. When the public attempted to gain access to the attendants of this meeting the Bush (kangaroo) supreme court who appointed he and his boss, of course allowed him to keep the information in private. Thus you can send your kid to die for the country but you cannot know who sat down with Dick to divide up the booty before they even went. That is one big "E"

Ah the first thing that went out the window with the pious, puerile, propaganda of this crowd -
EVIL - the mirror is a telling place.

EMPATHY - this above all else is the ability that allows us to be human, that presumably raises us above the common critter, yet empathy seems far more evident these days in the common critter than in human beings. When a species loses the ability to evolve - like the dinosaur - it become extinct.


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