Sunday, November 11, 2007

Harper's Roll Model Mulroney - Dumped

Mr. Harper's copy cat strategy (of Brian Mulroney's) to BUY QUEBEC and SELL CANADA, while getting into bed with the Bushites, came (at least in public) crashing down this past week, as some light was shed on the infamous Air Bus deal under Mulroney's reign.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cozy relationship between Harper, Mulroney hits the skids
Jennifer Ditchburn, THE CANADIAN PRESS

OTTAWA - Brian Mulroney's stint in reputation rehab could be at an end in Canada's conservative circles.
He deftly shed the label of one of the most unpopular outgoing prime ministers in Canadian history, adopting instead the mantle of the wise, elder statesman. In the process, he caught a second wind in Tory politics.

But Mulroney's past just refused to stay in the old Tory closet, and ultimately Harper couldn't afford the liability. As he announced Friday that he would commission an independent probe into allegations of Mulroney's business dealings with controversial businessman Karlheinz Schreiber, Harper also severed ties with his former mentor.
"I think it will be incumbent on me and also upon members of the government not to have dealings with Mr. Mulroney until this issue is resolved," he told reporters.
That could be easier said than done.
(Ah the EMPIRE club, how appropriately named, since we belong to it BIGTIME)
..The decision to cut Mulroney loose could not have been an easy one for Harper, said some insiders, who said Harper owes much to the elder Tory.
was instrumental in helping smooth the way for a merger between the Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance, and in the process became a confidante of Harper's. This was no small feat for a man whose negative image split small c-conservatives in the first place, giving rise to both the Reform Party and the Bloc Quebecois.
Stephen Harper
alluded to the rehabilitation of Mulroney in a glowing public speech last April. .
"I am delighted to be here with you this evening to pay tribute to a man who is increasingly recognized for all his achievement as prime minister," Harper said, later mentioning Mulroney in the same breath as Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan for his efforts to end communism.
(How about their efforts to end FASCISM...any effort there?)

There will be no love lost for most Reformers, and most of them would even say it serves to remind our new brothers and sisters in arms what kind of trouble Mulroney was," said Ellis, of Alberta's Lethbridge College.

"You people were with him, so watch your step."

Indeed it will be interestingto see if Mr. Harper keeeps following Mulroney's age old strategy of buying Quebec and selling Canada. All these guys are about is privatizing the world, with assets of course going to close corporate cronies. A world of war lords, killing government altogether other than that which works under the direction of corporations.

We should not kid ourselves though that finally exposing Harper and Mulroney will make a substantial difference in Canadian politics. We must remember that Martin, Chretian AND Harper signed the NAU and SPP.
So what is the real problem with Stephane he too ethical? Not in bed with business? Ya gotta wonder.

We need to examine the control of the Prime Minister's office and have a national coalition to implement a real democracy in Canada, rather than the RULE of one person in the pocket of a criminal U. S. administration, who blatently attempted to restore the career of one of the most disliked, criminal political pawns in Canadian history, who has copied Mulroney's manipulation of Quebec to the letter.


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