Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Book of Revelations 101

The more research I do into prominent figures, the more convinced I become that decency, kindness and hope exist and are expressed most profoundly in the ordinary human being, but not in manipulative, deceitful, paid-off "elites" who live off our backs like leeches, all the while looking down on the poor. destroying our middle class, and enslaving people of color.

The entire world knew that Bush was going to invade Iraq, come hell or high water.
He told the UN they were not relevant, pulled their inspectors and illegally, immorally and genocidally attacked a country with no airforce, with half the population being children. Cheered on by a criminally complicit corporate media who profited both directly and indirectly from the war, with "embedded reporters" part of the war crime, twisting, warping and shaping "news" from the front. "Shock and awe" were called out as the order of the day as if the implicit terror did not exist.
Heck I can remember a CNN reporter parading an Iraqi family looking incredibly dazed ...their child had a "Cheney" T shirt on that looked as if someone had just rammed it over his head and grabbed him for a photo op. THAT was the critical news coverage from Iraq.
Revelation 101, the news media is a profit driven entity that was embedded with a criminal invasion of a country rich in oil.

Elect a Bush, prepare for a national bilking, the last Bush presidency the country was robbed blind by the Savings and Loan "crisis", and Neil Bush just happened to be involved with the Saudis and BCCI. But then Marvin Bush was in charge of security at the WTC at the time of 911 and we never hear about that either. Mother Jones has an excellent article in their archives that dates back to the SNL rip off...where they detail the entire event quite accurately. (

Time and again throughout the history of the world, it is the individual who makes the move to stand against oppressive forces who stays in our hearts and minds. No matter what we are told about them, there is something so pure and honest in their moment of standing for their own integrity, their own democracy and their own personal freedom that touches us all deeply.
Rosa Parks, quietly sitting at the front of the bus and refusing to move to the back. Martin Luther King, a man of God, struck down by the right wing mob of racism, corporatism and fascism.

Mother Teresa and Father Romero working within the confines of an institution that betrayed them, managed to bring hope and nurturing to the poor. Father Romero was gunned down by death squads who systematically killed any leftists, liberals or those working to help the poor. The death squads are directly linked to the School of Americas, and John Negroponte's thug reign in that region.

A huge THANK YOU to Cynthia McKinney who has been telling the truth to power for some time now.
She told Rumsfeld to his face that WE KNOW Dyncorp and Halliburton are involved in the sex slave trade AND they are still getting directed contracts from the US Government meaning the government sanctions slavery. She told us about Carlyle, war profiteering and that 911 was a black op and the press...well they made fun of her hair, and an altercation with a pushy guard and didn't report that Diebold machines were moved into McKinney's district where she lost an election to a virtual new comer. Nice job corporate news brownies!
Please keep those revelations rolling Ms. McKinney we need your spirit on deck.

Sob, speaking of spirit, with the writers strike we are going to be without any real source of news until they come back.

We're missing you Jon Stewart,
watching America's "Idi Amin"
without your relief is painful.

A summary of revelations:

If you want a war, a huge national debt, and complete devastation of the country - VOTE BUSH or RNC.

If you want a war, a huge national debt, and slower devastation of the country - VOTE DNC (they're all on the take)

If you want to END WAR, clean up the national debt, and arrest the treason in office - VOTE independent...but first GET CONTROL OF THE VOTING MACHINES....cuz whoever has that control wins the election in the USA.

AND, whatever you do, do not let the election be close enough for the Supremes to steal it.

In Canada, we have the recent revelation that former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, had $300,000 handed to him in cash to seal an Air Bus deal. (He claimed he never had ANY dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber, sued the Canadian government/RCMP for making such accusations against him and won a settlement of $2 Million dollars from the Canadian taxpayer of course.) When Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal opposition, stood to challenge the current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and ask why an inquiry was not being held, Harper arrogantly suggested that if he opened an inquiry into Mulroney he could just as easily use the power to investigate Liberals and actually threw it out as a threat. When the public responded to that idea with "bring it on," Mr. Harper quickly reversed himself and yesterday announced, he is going to call an inquiry - now the pressure is on to ensure that inquiry is PUBLIC.

Stealth flying off singing "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...this little light of mine...
I'm gonna let it shine."

We'll be watching to see if we finally get our day in court against these crooks or if we just have another case of "the Supremes" setting aside crime in Canada for another paid off corporate entity

In the meantime, let us remember that the finest moments in our history have been written by us,

As our spiritual grandmother Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us:

"We find lingering evidence of archetype in the images and symbols found in stories, literature, poetry, painting, and religion. It would appear that its glow, its voice, and its fragrance are meant to cause us to be raised up from contemplating the shit on our tails to occasionally traveling in the company of the stars." (p.29) from Women Who Run With Wolves (over ten million copies sold worldwide)


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