Saturday, November 10, 2007

Harper's Mentor Mulroney

Mr. Harper has a penchant for picking his role models, from his speech to the Council on National Policy in the USA, where he referred to the Bush administration and the religious right, as a "shining light" for all the world, to his seeming groveling admiration for the most disgraceful and disliked conservative regime in Canadian history, that of Brian Mulroney. Most Canadians recall with considerable pain the time when this man stood on a stage with Ronald Reagan and sang "When Irish eyes are smiling". Heck the only people who didn't know they had been shafted (at least in public) was the mainstream media and and the corporate crime that bought half of Canada (cheap). So it was with little surprise when we read today about mr. harper's role model, Mulroney.

Schreiber alleges Mulroney sought Airbus cash
Former advisor denies claims
Scott Stinson
, National Post, With Files From Katie Rook
Published: Friday, November 09, 2007

Businessman Karlheinz Schreiber alleges in an affidavit filed in court yesterday that an advisor to former prime minister Brian Mulroney requested a transfer of funds to "Mr. Mulroney's lawyer in Geneva related to the Airbus deal."

...Mr. Schreiber alleges Mr. Mulroney was paid $300,000 shortly after leaving office in 1993 to help with various business matters.
These included "the establishment of a production facility for light armoured vehicles" in Nova Scotia, according to the affidavit. Mr. Schreiber's lawsuit alleges Mr. Mulroney did not perform the work for which he was paid.

(Just out of curiosity is this a uniform these guys wear? What is this dressing like the bobbsey twins how grade school can we get?)

At a meeting at a Zurich hotel on Feb. 2, 1998, the affidavit states, "I informed Mr. Mulroney [about] the earlier request made by Mr. Fred Doucet to transfer funds ? to Mr. Mulroney's lawyer in Geneva related to the Airbus deal."

...Only today did Harper finally agree to call an inquiry, the NDP and Liberals are both demanding it be public - so should we!

Let see mr. harper's role models consist of a fascist right wing president to the south, a cult of religious and possibly criminal people from the religious right, and Brian Mulroney, the Godfather of greed, who left the prime minister's office accused of even stealing the furniture. Nice job Brownie, your judgement is as solid as that of Bush.

And finally a tidbit of real history from the pre-revisionist text spewed today.

Run your own searches under:

General Smedley Butler, fascist plot, and see what names come up.

In the meantime lets guard the cookie jar - the crooks are loose in the capital once again.


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