Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Funnies

George W. Bush, standing on principle...

now THAT is funny.

It is plastics picking time in the USA. The news media tell us that we have a bumper crop of plastics this year, with global warming ignored and an "end of times" president, it was divine destiny.

Ah well perhaps we can ship it to China as patriotic plastic and put it in children's toys to sell back to fellow Americans.

Since these faces seem to show up in every Republican (and some Democratic) administrations since WWI,
I thought it might be fun to share a Sunday giggle with them.
Anyone remember when Reagan said he did not sell arms to terrorists for hostages?

Anyone remember the convicted Admiral Poindexter who wound up in this Bush administration building a terror betting system so you could bet on where the next terror attack would be.

Yup all under the hire of old Rummie...another fixture of the totalitarian corporate state ruling America for the past sixty years. Then we have ol Ollie North, money laundering, gun running...he does it all and under Reagan govt sanction. Expect to see him back in any RNC administration..especially if Guiliani gets in.

I like this shot of William Kristol receiving a Patriot's Pie sooo much that I have decided to do a Patriot's Pie bit on the blog and regularly award one of these.

I expect the first candidate for a Patriot's Pie could well be the
goose-stepping, mouth piece of the Bush administration who does not appear to have an individually articulated thought in her arsenal.

...she once oddly referred to Bush as "her husband."


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